Kamala Khan
Ms. Marvel
Portrayed by Sajal Ali
Full Name Kamala Khan
Age 18
Height 5'4"
Build Smallish
Eyes Brown
Hair Black
Factions None
Occupation Student
Alignment Hero

Claim to Fame

The new Ms. Marvel is not terribly well known outside of Jersey City, but she is known there, more or less. She's known to be able to make herself big and small and has run afoul of some villains who take advantage of the less well-known almost-borough's relative obscurity.


Definitely a hero type, but definitely (probably) not Carol Danvers, who calls herself Captain Marvel these days. Ms. Marvel is younger, browner, and stretchier.


Born in Jersey City to immigrant parents, Kamala is a fairly normal, nerdy young woman. Her parents Jusuf and Disha were Pakistanis who wanted their children to grow up in a safer, more free environment than their native Karachi. America, it turns out, is also full of intolerance, violence, and unacceptable boys for their daughter to date.

Kamala grew up a normal, nerdy kid in Jersey City with plenty of love and support from her protective, conservative family. She has questioned her faith and always felt a bit like a second-class citizen — or, rather, a weirdo. She's met with mockery about her culture, her family, and her faith before, and it never seems to get easier. It doesn't help that she's a nerd, a gamer and a superhero enthusiast — not to mention one who writes fanfic.

She recently experienced a strange phenomenon — on a foggy night, she began to hallucinate that her favorite superheroine, Captain Marvel, appeared before her and asked her what she wanted most. When she admitted she wanted to be just like Carol, she fell unconscious and woke up looking exactly like the woman, down to the costume she wore as Ms. Marvel. This was the first demonstration of her powers.

Since then, she has done her best to keep below the radar but also to be a true superhero. Problems do occasionally come to Jersey City, and it's usually up to Ms. Marvel to face them head on.

Character Details

Kamala is a nerdy optimist: she writes fanfic, she talks in memes, she goes a bit chibi now and then. She definitely has it in her to get incredibly enthusiastic and a bit silly, particularly around famous heroes. She hasn't quite learned how to "play it cool" yet. She is a true optimist, though, and a supportive, warm, and courageous young woman.


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