Portrayed by Kristin Kreuk
Full Name Ra'elle Kendrin
Age 28
Height 5'3
Build Trim and athletic
Eyes Green
Hair Chestnut
Factions None
Occupation Explorer
Alignment Hero-ish

Claim to Fame

Trader, diplomat, explorer


Not much is known about her on Earth, and she likes it that way.


Born and raised in a completely different part of the multiverse to Universe-626, Ra'elle was the youngest of two daughters born to the leader of her people. When an ancient enemy, the Asheraith, attacked them, seeking to enslave them — or eat them (you never know, with the Ashereith), Ra'elle helped lead the defence. In the middle of the battle, however, she was swept away by a rogue wormhole portal that dumped her unceremoniously in another reality altogether. Her… and a small squadron of Ashereith who'd been assigned to specifically hunt her down and capture her.

Evading them, she met an eccentric, young artificer with a penchant for attracting even more trouble than she already had. Between the Ashereith and the various people (particularly jilted femmes) the artificer fracked off, they were on the run a lot.

Hanging with him for a several years, evading the Ashereith hunting her while tracking down the Ashereith that carried off her people, she travelled from one end of the multiverse to the other. Then, in another freak accident, they were separated and, once again, another rogue portal ripped her from one reality and deposited her in another…

This one.

Now, she needs to find the means to track down another rogue portal, with the hope it will finally take her home.

Of course… Karma's a bit of a bitch when it comes to Ra'elle. So… fat chance of that.

Character Details

A little sardonic, a lot pragmatic, highly observant, and very quick-witted.


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Thin Barriers
March 16, 2015: Out for a walk in Gotham, Zee, Jesana, Kendrin and Kell all meet up.
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Not your job
January 30, 2015: Hawkeye meets the traveler Kendrin in a Gotham park.
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Translating Kendrin
January 28, 2015: Fenris senses a disturbance in the force in Gotham and investigates
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Travelling Kendrin
January 26, 2015: Kendrin arrives in Gotham to a very interesting welcome wagon
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