Kid Flash
Kid Flash
Portrayed by Jacob Latimore
Full Name Wallace Rudolph West
Age 19
Height 5'9"
Build Slim
Eyes Brown
Hair Black
Factions Titans
Occupation Delinquent. Fanboy. Superhero.
Alignment 2 Flash 2 Furious

Claim to Fame

The Fastest Kid Alive!


Kid Flash is an explosion onto the scene. As the known sidekick of the Scarlet Speedster, The Flash, this particular protege's presence can be felt all across the map. His speed is the stuff of legends and he'd be more than willing to sign an autograph if you can catch him.

As for Wally, he's about as known as any delinquent punk kid that has a good heart. He's a flirter and a talker, though he will jump into a fight if he needs to. Regardless, he's pretty well known for his blog/website dedicated to The Flash:


My name is Wally West and I'm faster than you. Like way faster, man. You don't even know.

Contrary to popular belief I was born in Central City. But when my punk ass father ran out on my Mom after I was born, we had to relocate to Blue Valley. Nebraska. I know, right? Home of the Nobody Cares. Anyway, Moms had family out there and it was just a bit easier to survive since we didn't have the help of my father. What a dick move, man, by the way. It was all good though because not everybody on my father's side was like him. Honestly? He seemed to be the one special nutcase. Figures, right? Regardless, I got to spend my summers with my Aunt Iris down in Central City. And I had a blast. I was always a sucker for the city life and Central City was the city in my life. And I ran those streets. Literally.

No, for once, somebody's using the word literally correctly, alright? I fell in with what some people would say are the wrong crowd. We hung out, broke this, vandalized that, ran from these cops… y'know, usual kid stuff. It wasn't ever a big deal. Uncle Joe was a cop so I became the prince of slaps on the wrist. Wasn't no way he was going to let his own blood go to jail for anything. I had it made. My life was headed nowhere fast but I didn't care. I was having a ball. Then? I saw The Flash.

It was Fanboy at first sight. Well, probably like fourth or fifth sight if you really want to get technical. I caught him in a rare moment of standing still and he looked like the greatest thing in the history of weird things going on in Central City. An instant fan, I took to the computer and started A kick-ass blog, written by yours truly, that was all about The Flash and everything he stood for. It had profiles on his villains, information about him and about his heroics. It was better than Wikipedia! It still is! To this day, is the premiere site to get your Flash fix!


About my second year in high school is when I might've crossed a couple lines. I saw some bullies picking on some other dude and got involved. I shouldn't have but the little dude was helpless. Plus, I hate bullies. Anyway, we got into fight and it didn't end pretty. So my Mom sent me to live with my Aunt in Central City. Moving to the home turf of the Flash was like a dream come true. But I would soon find out that even bigger dreams can come true if you believe in them.

I was running the streets, as usual, when it happened. It was stormin' something crazy that night. I was, of course, somewhere I had no business being. Around some chemicals I ain't have no business being around. Lightning strikes out of the blue or somethin' and the next thing I know? It's a week later. That's right, somehow I managed to survive chemical poisoning and a direct bolt of lightning to the chest. Apparently, this was very similar to the birth of my favorite red clad superherro: The Flash. That's what he told me, anyway.

Yeah, you heard that right. When I woke up, there was The Flash. And a bunch of other people, I guess science geeks and whatever. They said things like 'lucky to be alive', 'destiny' and 'lightning strikes twice'. But I ain't know what was goin' on until I tried to move. And ended up on the other side of S.T.A.R. Labs. Where, apparently, The Flash was waiting for me? In case you don't get what I'm gettin' at: I got fast. Like super fast. Like Flash fast.

So here I am. Wally West. Kid Flash. One of the fastest men alive. And I've only got one question for you.

Wanna' race?

Character Details

Wally West is definitely a character. He's got a playful and sarcastic charm that seems to be what carries him through life. He's sort of a nonchalant sort that doesn't seem to be too worried about anything that may or may not be within his control. He's very much devoted to his own personal lifestyle and takes pride in being himself. He's got something of a problem with authority and various other issues that stem from being a street kid. He's very loyal and devoted to those he cares about, though, whether they be friends, family or anything else.

His entire demeanor is supercharged to mesh with his superhuman speed abilities. He's fast, impatient and extremely impulsive. His incredible powers have pushed his overconfidence into levels of cockiness that could prove to be both good and bad, depending on what's going on at the time. He's a bit of a showoff. Okay, he's an extreme showoff and he loves every minute of being a superhero. Because, really, who wouldn't?


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