Kiden Nixon
Portrayed by Elisha Cuthbert
Full Name Kiden Nixon
Age 18
Height 5"3
Build Slender 98lbs
Eyes Blue
Hair Blonde
Factions None/Mutant
Occupation None
Alignment Neutral

Claim to Fame

Runaway looking to find her purpose.


High-School Dropout and vagrant often found around the streets of major cities.


Kiden started off with a good life. She had a mom, a dad and three brothers. The oldest Tyler was a bit of a rebel even for a little boy and the twins were a handful of silliness. Her father, Nick, was a respected police officer and her mother Elizabeth a stay at home mom. They were a close family that was held together by their fathers strength and warmth.
One day when Kiden was only the age of six, they were going to celebrate Nick's birthday. Her mom having forgotten the cake, and not wishing for Nick to get suspicious decided to drop Kiden off at the police station near the end of her fathers shift to distract him. Nick decided to take his daughter to get some ice cream, and after they would also go play at the park. As they were walking toward the park, her father told her with a smile that he knew Kiden's mom had gone to get him a cake, and this would buy her some more time. Kiden was about to ask how her dad knew, when a large black car came screeching out from around the bend. The window rolled down and shots were fired. Nick shoved his daughter out of the way taking one to the leg and another to the chest, the shot mortally wounding him. All in front of Kiden's six-year-old eyes.

The Nixon family fell apart after that day, fighting, distancing themselves. An overworked single parent with four kids, Kiden's mother began neglecting them. Both Tyler and Kiden had turned to drug use, and she started to attend raves, steal, and act out toward authority figures. Her grades started to slip to the point where she was near failing.

Kiden discovered her mutant powers when trying to defend her best friend Kara, when a school bully was harassing her. After yelling "STOP" she saw everything around her frozen. The moment of wonder lasted only a moment, because when Kiden, unpracticed with her powers, tapped on the bully's arm, she reverted back to normal time, and his arm was broken.

Being at a tough inner-city school, Hector's reputation was on the line, and this girl breaking his arm wounded his ego so deeply, that he plotted to shoot Kiden merely to prove himself. To whom, we'll never know. His attempt failed, as Kiden used her powers for the second time, dodging the bullet. A teacher behind her took the shot.

Fleeing from the entire fallout of the experience, Kiden has more or less lived on the streets since. She's made numerous friends on the streets, now having traveled to various cities… particularly with gutterpunks and homeless weirdos. Also, having spent considerable time in Mutant Town, Kiden has befriended a few mutants. Since that time, she's gotten more skilled with using her powers.

Character Details

Kiden is a free spirit if there ever was one, detached from her former life she now roams the cities of the world with a extreme sense of wanderlust. Often content to wander for weeks at a time within temporal stasis and immune to the ravages of time. Because of her strange existence she can often come across as detached and a bit of a daydreamer. But over all after the harsh events of her life up until now she manages to maintain a sort've serene nature, at least most of the time.

Struggling with a past of addiction and other emotional issues she's sometimes prone to outbursts of anger and depression that sometimes trigger her Chronokinesis


Image Name Relation Information
X-23%201.png X-23 Old Friend Helped her out of a bind back when they first met that forever changed Kiden.


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