Lady Blackhawk
Lady Blackhawk
Portrayed by <TBD>
Full Name Zinda Blake
Age 28
Height 5'8
Build Leggy-Curvy
Eyes Blue
Hair Blonde
Factions Birds of Prey
Occupation Pilot
Alignment Hero

Claim to Fame

WWII-era heroine time-whammied to the here-and-now.


Lady Blackhawk/Zinda Blake, a time-displaced fighter pilot from WWII partially responsible for capturing a handful of Nazi war criminals shortly after the War. Thought to have died in the mid-50s, turned out to have time-travelled to the future. Probbaly one of the best pilots to have ever lived.


During WWII, Zinda Blake was one of the Blackhawks squadron, a group of Allied fighter pilots and guerrilla fighters mostly hailing from Axis-occupied countries. Zinda was one of the few American members of the team, and the only woman.

She had an on-again off-again romance with Blackhawk, the Polish pilot who lead the squad, though the two never really seemed to make it work.

For several years after the War, she and her team mates hunted war criminals around the world. It was during one of these missions that her plane veered off course, and was presumed to have crashed. It actually managed to get caught in some sort of space/time rift that sent her several decades into the future (those things are more common than you'd think!).
Unlike some of her time-stuck or frozen compatriots, Zinda really didn't have all that much trouble adjusting to to the modern age, give or take a few broken cell phones and the excruciating time it took to get her pilot's license back. She'd always been a bit "ahead of her time" so-to-speak, so in some ways, it was a bit of a relief to not have to explain herself to people. On the other hand, she lost a lot of good friends in what, to her, was about the time it took for a single flight.

She's had to find new things to do with herself to keep from going stir-crazy, and a new Skipper to give her orders, but she's made do with this funny little world the future's brought her. It'll do just fine, for now.

Character Details

Zinda's a vivacious, boisterous, kickass gal who's seen and lived though a lot of hell, lived to tell about it, and determined to make the best of the time she's got left, even if the way she does live her life (dangerously, devoted to protecting others) may mean it won't be terribly long.


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Character Gallery


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Old Days
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Vinyl Night
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Sentimental Journey
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A Humility-Flavored Dorito with Legs
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