Lara Croft
Lara Croft
Portrayed by Jessica Biel
Full Name Lady Lara Croft
Age 26
Height 5'6"
Build Athletic
Eyes Hazel
Hair Brown
Factions None
Occupation Wealthy Adventurer/ Archaeologist
Alignment Hero

Claim to Fame

Lara Croft is minor British royalty, and a world-renowned explorer and archaeologist. She is the sole living heir of the Croft family.


Lara is known for being tenacious when she takes on a task, not afraid of a challenge, and bound to her word.



Lara Croft was the only child born to Richard Henshingly Croft, 10th Earl of Abbingdon and his wife, Amelia Croft, Countess of Abbingdon. She was tutored privately at the Croft estate until the age of 11, when she attended a private school for girls. She traveled with her parents on many of their archaeological expeiditions while she was young. She was not with them when they disappeared and were presumed dead on one such trip. She then attended UC London, while in a difficult dispute with relatives over her family fortune and lands. She would eventually win the dispute, but not before she was shipwrecked at the age of 21 on an island in the Dragon's Triangle. There she became a true survivor, fighting hostile madmen, worshippers of a mythical goddess, and finding many artifacts. Since then she's made many discoveries as an explorer, and her contributions to archeology and historical societies have been priceless. She is now residing in Gotham City as a base of operations to avoid heat from some rivals back in England.

Character Details

Lara is fearless, independent, intelligent, and tenacious. She has a good sense of humor and a sharp British wit. She has a strength of will that could be considered unshakeable, and is very cool under pressure.


Image Name Relation Notes
atmurdock.jpg Matt Murdock Lawyer, Friend, More The blind man and his firm handle my paperwork and legal red tape while I'm living in the States. He's also the vigilante Daredevil by night. We've gotten close. Perhaps too close.
Arsenal-1.jpg Roy Harper Mercenary Mercenary who helped on my Baffin Island Expedition. Has an adorable daughter.
DomProfile14.jpg Domino Mercenary Mercenary who helped on my Baffin Island Expedition. Has issues with SHIELD.
406px-blackwidow2.jpg Black Widow Spy Spy who helped on my Baffin Island Expedition. Seems to be friends with Daredevil.
Hawkeye.jpg Clint Barton SHIELD Agent SHIELD Agent codenamed Hawkeye, who helped on my Baffin Island Expedition. Very sharp eyes.

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Not A Date
September 12, 2014: Clint and Lara do dinner and a movie, but it takes a while for one of them to realize it's not actually a date.
(log: 20140912-not-a-date | tags: hawkeye lara_croft | posted: 13 Sep 2014 00:29)

Six Degrees of Pezzini
September 8, 2014: Paul and Lara finally meet, and realize they are connected through Sara.
(log: 20140908-six-degrees-of-pezzini | tags: lara_croft paul_manning | posted: 09 Sep 2014 02:56)

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