Lex Luthor
Lex Luthor
Portrayed by Michael Rosenbaum
Full Name Alexander Joseph "Lex" Luthor
Age 28
Height 6'2''
Build Tall and athletic
Eyes Green
Hair Bald
Factions "N/A"
Occupation CEO of LexCorp International
Alignment Villain

Claim to Fame

Lex Luthor is the CEO and owner of LexCorp, an umbrella company with countless subsidiaries that run the spectrum from aerospace to pharmaceuticals.


By and large, Lex Luthor has a shining reputation as an honest, if somewhat ruthless, businessman. There's rumors that he's got a cruel streak, but those are really just rumors (what high profile CEO doesn't have one or two of those floating around?).


Alexander Luthor was born in one of the worst parts of metropolis, Suicide Slums. While his mother did her very best to provide a stable life for him, his father was a heavy alcoholic that would best be described as abusive (both emotionally and physically). This conflicting home life led to a rather confused young man, who by his fifteenth birthday had already out classed most of his peers in academic pursuits. His genius intelligence was one of the sole means by which the troubled young man could express himself without reverting to violent outbursts that were more akin to his fathers drunken rage. It was, in fact, through that intelligence that he exacted his vengeance upon the man, while inadvertently drawing his loving mother into a rather destructive house fire that cost both of them their lives.

A rather sizable insurance policy was conveniently opened only a few months prior to the unfortunate accident and as the sole beneficiary remaining, Lex was suddenly the heir to a rather sizable nest egg. With these gains he founded a small company specializing in real-estate investment, while secretly using the business as a front for a loan sharking operation working out of the Suicide Slums. In record time, the small nest egg was a sizable fortune and the small company was a multidimensional company with exceptional holdings all across Metropolis thanks to Luthor's brazen, often cutthroat, tactics.

Shortly after his 21st birthday, Lex Luthor was heralded as one of the most recognizable young bachelors in Metropolis and LexCorp as one of the most powerful companies in the United States with subsidiaries spanning the globe.

With the aquisition of a fertilizer company based out of Smallville, the young CEO relocated to the rural town to facilitate a smooth transition to new management. At first he used the same ruthless tactics that had made his other holdings quickly fold under the umbrella of his multinational company, but seeing the down home, almost family like, nature of the people he shifted his approach to better attract the employees and, thus, the hearts of the people of the town. This is where he first encountered Clark Kent, a man with whom he established an unlikely friendship. It was, in fact, one of the few people Luthor genuinely seemed respect and the two would likely still be as close had it not been for Lex's return to Metropolis and the formation of a hatred directed at the 'Superman' who soon made his appearance there as well.

Character Details

Lex does not view himself as 'evil', more as a man who does what has to be done to get things done. He is most certainly ruthless, he is occasionally cruel, and he can be very dangerous, but in his own mind these are necessary for the greater good. His desire to protect the World and humans drives him to ever greater darkness as his hatred for the Man of Steel shadows any good decision he may make. He sees the 'Superman' as an intruder and himself as the only man who really sees the real threat the alien hero represents. For that reason, almost everything he does is secretly meant to undermine and destroy the kryptonian.


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