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Full Name Holly Gosling
Age 27
Height 5'9"
Build Slender
Eyes Black
Hair White
Factions None
Occupation Assassin
Alignment Anti-Hero

Claim to Fame

Punk by day, lethal mutant by night.


Known for silent assassinations with the buyer's choice of flavour for death.


Not much is known about Holly's past before the orphanage. She was discovered in an alleyway in Boston, born with albinism. Found and cared for by a woman, brought to the hospital, she was eventually discharged to be cared for by the Gosling-Arbor Home for Children in Boston. Unlike the other children, some who had lost families to fires, or diseases, with no family left to take them in, Holly knew of no love like that which is received from a parent. She grew up a bit distant from the other children.
Around the age of seven, the mutations started coming. At first, they were rather benign. Her ears started to get pointy at the tips, her eyes started to grey up, and she was regularly sick. As if the other children really needed any excuse, they avoided her even more. The older children picked on her, calling her a freak as it began to become apparent that she wasn't just different. She was a mutant.
As Holly got older, her physical mutations became what they are today. It became apparent that a lot of her sickness was coming from her changing diet, and that she could no longer eat anything that wasn't a salad. The changes were strange and the teasing and bullying got worse.
Other weird things began happening, too. People around her would start to become ill. It wasn't a constant thing, just little pulses here and there. She couldn't control her powers. It came as a huge surprise one night when one of the boys in the bunks next to her became violently ill. It didn't stop like it used to, and the boy passed away to what was said to be mysterious circumstances. It didn't matter, the children already had their witch. Holly would be their witch, and the bullying started. In her darkest moments she plotted how she would kill them if it came to her survival.
As time went on, the bullying got worse and worse. There was a lot of fear and mistrust surrounding Holly, who didn't even have a regular heartbeat anymore. Her physiology was changing rapidly and even the caretakers were unsure of what to do with her. Threats became regular. It wasn't until one of the caretakers said to another orphan, "Now now, don't put metal in the microwave. You could start a fire like that!" that she finally had her plan.
Two months before her fifteenth birthday, things finally took a turn for the absolute worst. During one of the assemblies, the leading caretaker for the course seized up and had a heart attack on the spot. The orphanage was shocked, and that night, the other children had decided they had had enough. Holly was dragged out of bed, kicking and screaming. Whether the caretakers supposed to be about heard or not isn't clear. Maybe they had enough of her, too. Regardless, the other orphans were done. Holly's power really manifested at that point, and unwittingly, she caused one of the boys dragging her away to just start vomitting blood. She was able to jerk away and run, and the other orphans gave chase.
Running, she eventually ended up in the kitchen, and locked the doors, shoving a foodcart of dishes infront of the other door. The banging and wailing of the orphans absolutely terrified Holly, they wanted blood. Her blood. In desparation, she began the events she had planned so carefully before. Silverware in the microwave, gas lines on, she escaped through the window and began running. Running away as fast as she could, the last she would see of the orphanage was the building bursting into flames.
For the next few years, Holly lived in a near constant depression. Too scared to get help, and too scared to leave Boston. She had murdered all of the family she had. With no nowhere to go, she wandered the streets alone. Free handouts are what she survived on, bundling up with the other transients of the area. She was off in a bad way. Suicidal thoughts were a common occurrence, and she began cutting to try and take away some of the pain. Drugs and alcohol she couldn't rely on, she didn't know how they'd interact with her changed biology. A lot of it what moot, and her wounds healed without scar. As she got braver, she kept going deeper and deeper, until a particularly dark night when she literally shoved a railroad spike into her chest where her heart was, but her body just wasn't built the same way anymore.
Others noticed her pain, other transients. When they approached her, she treated them with distrust, but they offered a shoulder, an understanding voice for a teenager with nowhere to go. John was a recovering meth addict trying to go clean with his girlfriend Beth, they were trying to just survive. Tom with a family whom he'd lost, he lost his house and was just temporarily also in a bad way. Jason was down on his luck, claiming his uncle in town had stolen everything from him by law, but if he'd just pass away, he could get it back.
These are the people who actually offered her some sympathy, they treated her like family even though they had no reason to. Eventually, she offered to Jason that she could help. She could get rid of his uncle. He cautiously agreed and she went on her first job. In her time alone, she had faced dark emotions and urges. Her powers were unpredictable at first, influencing random people as she had emotional spikes, but she had gotten quite adept at controlling it, at hiding it. This was the first time she really used it intentionally and not for self defense. Using the address she was given, she went to the uncle at his home, and she stood outside his window. She stared at him as she focused her power, and in just a short moment, he was collapsing to the floor. She didn't need to face him. She didn't give him a chance. This was something she could do. Human life wasn't worth so much, it was the people close to her that mattered. After all, she was already a killer.
Jason regained his old life, it took months of effort and paperwork, but she had helped one person. Jason in return helped the other transients that had become her friends. He gave them shelter and a clean place to live and get back on the feet. It was interesting when Jason asked if Holly wanted to do it again. Another one of his friends wanted a man dead for his wrongdoings and would pay. Unsure at first, she eventually gave in. Soon, one thing turned to another and word of her 'talent' spread. Hitmen began paying her to do their dirty work, to make a change they said, divine retribution.
Holly used that money to form a semblance of a life. An apartment. Body modifications. She couldn't control her death, but she could control what she put on or in her body. It was what she needed, that kind of control. These favors turned into an occupation, and she became stronger because of it. The pain that she had faded, reforged into resolution that the work she was doing was necessary. Eventually she earned enough to leave the town, and she left her contacts to go to New York. New contacts were there to be made, and it had been over a decade since the orphanage.

Character Details

It could be said Holly doesn't care, but that's not true. She has a select number of fucks that she's picky about doling out. She's a bit of an anti-society anarchist, who's been burned before and is hesitant to reach out again. Human and mutant life have equal value to her, and that value isn't much. To her friends, she's that deadpan snarker who'll go out of her way to help.


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