Portrayed by N/A
Full Name Lockheed the Dragon
Age Adult
Height 2'6" (length)
Build Draconic
Eyes Yellow
Hair None
Factions X-Men
Occupation Shadowcat's Dragon Sidekick
Alignment Hero

Claim to Fame

He's the dragon that is known to be Shadowcat's companion.


Lockheed doesn't really have much of a reputation outside of being fiercely protective of Kitty as well as a loyal friend.


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Character Details

Loyal, fierce, difficult to impress.


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Character Gallery


November 4, 2014: Constantine has a ghost problem and Kitty is there to help him with it.
(log: 20141104-poltergeist | tags: constantine kitty_pryde lockheed | posted: 05 Nov 2014 01:08)

Ghosts of Years Gone By
October 31, 2014: Kitty seeks out Piotr to encourage him, it doesn't exactly go as planned.
(log: 20141031-ghosts-of-years-gone-by | tags: colossus kitty_pryde lockheed | posted: 01 Nov 2014 00:45)

Lunch with Kitty
September 26 2014: Kitty drops by for lunch at Illyana's place.
(log: 20140926-lunch-with-kitty | tags: aspect kitty_pryde lockheed magik | posted: 01 Oct 2014 02:39)

Nights and Ninjas
September 7th, 2014: Ninjas attack Alexander in Lincoln Square. Kitty is there to help.
(log: 20140907-nights-and-ninjas | tags: kitty_pryde lockheed phobos | posted: 11 Sep 2014 04:09)

Meetings Scheduled and Unscheduled
September 3 2014: Jericho and Illyana meet friends of hers and friends of his.
(log: 20140903-meetings-scheduled-and-unscheduled | tags: aspect kitty_pryde k'nert lockheed magik moe the_cavalry wolverine | posted: 04 Sep 2014 11:35)

Life Hacks
September 01 2014: Jericho meets Kitty Pryde and Logan whilst working on intel gleaned from the recent foray overseas.
(log: 20140901-life-hacks | tags: aspect kitty_pryde k'nert lockheed wolverine x-men | posted: 02 Sep 2014 12:45)

Ice Cream And Hummus
March 22, 2014: Hank and Kitty chat over midnight snacks. Lockheed makes a pig out of himself.
(log: 20140322-ice-cream-and-hummus | tags: beast kitty_pryde lockheed | posted: 23 Mar 2014 22:08)

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