Loki of Asgard
Portrayed by Tom Hiddleston
Full Name Loki Odinson
Age 30 (2,999 give or take)
Height 6'2"
Build Tall, wiry
Eyes Blue
Hair Brown
Factions Asgard
Occupation Prince of Asgard
Alignment Neutral to Villain

Claim to Fame

God of Lies, Deceit, Chaos. Trickster. Trying to 'gain the throne of Midgard'.


Loki has been saddled with the reputation of being a Trickster, the God of Chaos and deceit for nearly 2 millennia. That's one hell of a reputation.


Adopted as an infant by Odin and Frigga (spoils of war with the Jotun, the Frost Giants), Loki grew up in Thor's shadow. Instead of showing a proficiency in fighting like his brother, he was far better in the art of sorcery. That, he learned from his adopted mother Frigga- as well as the art of war.

Through the centuries, he has visited 'Midgard', and has been worshipped as both God and cursed as devil. Either way, stories have grown around his early deeds; mostly told by drunk Vikings. (Thanks, guys.)

Character Details

Loki is a sociopath of the purest form. He is so far removed from the concerns of mortality that he doesn't even consider death to be an option. As for governments? Laws? Rising and falling, it has absolutely no consideration for him. He is, in his mind, a god. Immortal.

Loki isn't that simple, however. He is an emotional creature, always searching for the true meanings behind words. He can laugh, he can cry.. and there is anger, bitterness and resentment that can come quickly on the heels of happiness, and of contentment. He wants to be liked, but on his terms.


Image Name Relation Notes
Thor_Avengers2.png Thor Brother Sometimes my best friend, sometimes my worst enemy. Always my brother.
sif1.jpg Sif Friend, after a fashion We've had something of a history. Not all good, but not all bad. As my brother's friend, however, she's certainly a potential obstacle to my ultimate plans.
[width="75" link="*<cast:fenris_wolf>" style="border:2px solid;"] Fenris Son Remaking his acquaintence.
Mystique01.jpg Mystique Ally 'Catch a mutant by the tail'. She's intriguing, this mutant. Intelligent and resourceful. I believe that she is the one creature that can help me the most in my endeavors. Until she is no longer useful.
WE58XGk.png Emma Acquaintance Self-styled queen? Really. Should be interesting to see how far her 'kingdom' spans.


"So let's talk about Magic. We can dicker on the exact rules, if you'd like. There are all sorts of Grimoires and Crytonomicrons. I've got an AD&D Manual somewhere. At the core though…magic is taking a thought and making it real. Taking a Lie and making it the Truth. Telling a story to the universe so utterly, cosmically perfect that for a single, shining moment…the world believes a man can FLY. — 'Loki: Agent of Asgard'

Character Gallery


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