Portrayed by Bradley James
Full Name Longshot
Age 21 (8)
Height 6'
Build Lithe
Eyes Blue
Hair Blond
Factions X-Men
Occupation Superstar Adventurer
Alignment Hero

Claim to Fame

Longshot's known as an adventurer, a crimefighter and for his increasing appearances in TV and movies. A celebrity on the climb, his handsome face and distinctive qualities are hard to forget. Plus, how many guys do you know named Longshot?


Known for being fearless, dedicated, courageous and effortlessly cheerful. Light-hearted even in a storm, he's nonetheless shown himself to be a formidable fighter and an incredible athlete. Some people say he's outright impossible to hit. He's also known as a bit of a ladykiller, although not in a womanizing way - he just attracts a lot of girls. Girls definitely make-up the bulk of his increasingly intense and dedicated fandom, often found online making gifs of him surrounded by hearts and puppies or writing fan fiction with im as the star. He's surprisingly okay with that.


Longshot's origins lie in the Mojoverse, an extradimensional realm where most of the inhabitants have become addicted to television and electronic entertainment. To keep the populace sated, Mojo, the monstrous creature who rules (seriously, that's what it says on his business card), has scientists working to constantly create and perfect the art of entertainment. Longshot is such an entertainment - a perfectly crafted, genetically engineered pile of handsome, awesome and badass. For several years, he happily starred in a huge variety of programs for the masses, basking in their adulation and never questioning his purpose. In time, though, he saw that some people - those like him, who either had been created by scientists or had simply never succumbed to Mojo's wares - were oppressed, mistreated, abused. His heroic instincts couldn't tolerate it. And so, he rebelled, at first in secret, and then openly, escaping the studio and leading raids and attacks on Mojo's facilities. To make up for the loss of Longshot's star power, Mojo kidnapped the mutant heroes known as the X-men, making them fight for the amusement of the masses. Longshot rescued them and, along the way, they helped him fight to overthrow Mojo. Eventually, though, the tide turned against them and, with the X-Men's help, Longshot escaped to Earth. Here, he found himself living and fighting alongside the X-Men, taking their cause as his own (he does love an underdog). As he's gone out into the wider world, he's begun to develop a reputation as both a hero and celebrity - he's started to do acting jobs on TV and in movies, and making the papers as a charismatic and handsome young hero on the rise. Whether it's solo or alongside his teammates, Longshot always puts on a good show and he's glad, finally, to get an audience worthy of his talents.

Character Details

Longshot's been called shallow, but he simply has nothing to hide. It's not that he lacks depth, it's that his water is clear, crystal, and you can see all the way to the bottom. He's confident, but not egotistical. He enjoys attention and affection and pretty girls and fighting and doesn't see any reason to pretend he doesn't. He would, otherwise - he likes playing pretend, it's what he was made to do. He loves to entertain, likes to hear the roar of the crowd, and can be a bit of a hot dog, but for the benefit of others, not his own ego. He just loves to her 'em gasp. He's a genuine good guy, always looking out for those in need, quick to stand up to a bully. He isn't easily discouraged and always looks out for his friends. He's loyal to a fault - it's the reason why it took him so long before turning on Mojo, until he was truly sure that he was the monster others said he was.


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Character Gallery


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