Portrayed by Tom Berenger
Full Name Jason Lucky
Age 25 (72)
Height 5'9"
Build Athletic
Eyes Hazel
Hair Brown
Factions N/A
Occupation Bodyguard for Pepper Potts, and former Retired Vet
Alignment Neutral

Claim to Fame

Barely has one, for better or worse.


Peppers personal bodyguard. Tough, silent most of the time. Used to get thrown out of a lot of bars.


Jason Lucky was born on a military base during the winter of 1942. He was just the latest in a full military family. He wound up being the only son, when his father passed away on the beaches of Normandy. Though his uncle took the two in under his care Jason wound up raising himself in the Bronx getting into fights with other children, and learning rough lessons early.

The day he turned 16 Jason enlisted in the army, wanting just to get away from all the crime, and death his low end neighborhood brought. He lied about his age, and used family connections to get his foot in the door. There wasn't a single thought in his head about what kind of hell could be waiting for him, only that he didn't much care for the hell he was already living.

Lucky pushed himself hard trying to keep up with the requirements of army life, and through luck, or something else pulling the strings he managed to qualify for special forces training. Just in time for the Vietnam war to really kick off. He lost friends left right and center, killed anyone he was asked, and did whatever he could just to survive, but somewhere along the line something strange happened. There where times he'd seemingly be able to take a direct volley of fire from an AK47, and get right back up into the fight, and his names started to be a bit more of a nickname then a name itself.

By the time he finally decided it time to call it quits on the US Army Jason found himself the proud owner of a rather large collection of medals, including the medal of honor, and of course a shiny purple heart. People begged him to stay, offered promotions, trinkets, almost anything to say they had an everyman who could go through just as much as any super, but he couldn't do it. Lucky was dead set that it was nothing more then luck that kept him alive all this time, and he wanted out before his luck ran out.

For years after leaving Jason lived a quiet life off on his own, keeping to himself. He'd given up very promising military carrier just so that he could find a quiet place to live. Lucky couldn't care less that he didn't have a house, the checks from the army provided enough that he could keep himself decently well fed, moving from dive motel to the next during the winter, staying at shelters during the summer. He grew old, and drank himself under the table every night.

One day he was making his way back to the motel room he'd rented for the week, drunk as he ever was. The heavy drinking and smoking had put him in poor health already, so the buss he drunkenly stumbled right in front of was easily enough to kill him right where he stood. When he finally woke up he realized that he felt better then he had in years. Though the body bag he found himself in wasn't exactly the most reassuring thing of his life. He stumbled his way from the morgue gathered his clothing and went back out into the world. Feeling like a new man.

Character Details

Knowing he won't stay dead Lucky takes unnecessary risks with his own life. He's more then willing to kill himself even to get rid of a hangover, or to cause a distraction. He has a very addictive personality, easily getting hooked on just about anything he can to distract himself. Though he tries to do what's good, sometimes he winds up doing what's good for him alone.


Image Name Relation Information
medium.jpg Wilson Former C.O. "If I had to describe Wilson during the war, it'd be cocky, he was a real piece of work back in the day, but hell he lead us through the shit and back. There's not a single person I'd rather have watching my back. Haven't had the heart to tell him how I survived that crash that killed the rest of the boys."
Lunair.png Murial Granddaughter "I've done a lot of things I'm not proud of over the years, paving the way for this little thing to be born isn't one of them. She's got about as many problems as her grandad, but hell wasn't exactly around for her much. Still not sure if I'm doing the right thing being around her now."
Robert_Downey_Jr_13.jpg Tony Tony "With how I showed up out of the blue, he should've thrown me right out on my ass, but he didn't. That says more then words can about how the guy operates. Might not see eye to eye with him, but if he hadn't have given me the job, I don't know where I'd be now."
media.jpg Pepper The Boss "She's a workaholic, does more then fifty people should. Respect that about her. Been nothing but kind to me since I started working at Stark Industries. In another life, another time…"
howardprofile.jpg Mr.Stark Neutral "There's something about him that feels familiar, can't place it. Fact he's a machine doesn't bother me, the fact that I feel like I knew him before and can't remember does."
Cricket2.jpg Cricket Co-worker "She's alright in my book, as far as robots designed for assassinations go. Swear she cheats at bowling though."
PsylockeComUX.jpg Psylocke Friends? "Ripped right into my mind, and sorted out some of the mess, if I hadn't have run into her at the graveyard, would have probably still been wandering around drunk."
Cap-Main.jpg Captain America Childhood hero "Growing up I remember mom telling me all these stories about the captain. What he stood for, and what he did, by the time I joined the service I almost knew more about Captain America then I did my own dad."
geXi05W.jpg Rain Acquaintance "With how often I keep getting dropped off at that magic house of hers you'd think she'd just pass me a key. Seems nice enough, but really gets on my nerves sometimes with the magic."
Fenris%20Small%204.jpg Fenris Good Friend "There's a lot to say about the wolfman. He's a good friend, helped me through a lot of hard times, and a few bottles of bourbon that were burning a hole in my room. Willing to do a lot for that man, god, thing"


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20150206-Passive Aggressive Villainy
Wednesday, December 31st 2015>: A man wants REVENGE! on Tony Stark and all that is Stark Industries! He's… just … not doing too well at it.
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