Luke Cage
Power Man
Portrayed by <E.g. "Taylor Cole">
Full Name Luke Cage
Age 30
Height 6'6"
Build Tall and Muscular
Eyes Brown
Hair Bald
Factions Fantastic Four
Occupation Hero for Hire
Alignment Hero

Claim to Fame

Luke Cage - aka Power Man - is the owner of Heroes for Hire, a security and investigation agency.


Luke Cage/Power Man is a tough, but fair man who has used his great strength and unbreakable skin to make a living as a Hero for Hire for the last several years.


  • Carl Lucas is born in Harlem and spends most of his formative years getting into trouble.
  • Teenaged Carl Lucas joins the same gang as Willis Stryker, his best friend from childhood. Together, they get into frequent fights with rival crews and generally makes a nuisance of himself around the neighborhood through vandalism, theft, assaults, and so on.
  • At 18, Carl begins to recognize the damage that his lifestyle is doing to his family and took steps to distance himself from his former gang. While his Stryker continued to rise through the ranks of the gang, Carl found gainful employment as a construction worker; the two remained friends, in spite of their differing paths.
  • When Carl is in his early 20s, he and Stryker have a falling out that leads to Stryker punishing his former friend for a perceived slight by planting heroin in his apartment. Unsurprisingly, the cops who are subsequently called in to search his home don't buy his story about the drugs not being his.
  • Unwilling to let himself be sucked back down into his old habits, Carl tries to keep to himself in prison—which inevitably makes him a target for the other inmates. His anger and frustration at having been set up, as well as his inability to get in touch with his family while inside means that when he's forced to defend himself, he does so with brutal efficiency. Eventually, he is so fed up with his circumstances that he begins trying to escape rather than be forced to suffer unjustly any longer.
  • After several failed escape attempts, Lucas is tranferred to a prison in the South, where he is almost immediately singled out by guards thanks to his record of troublesome incidents; this eventually leads to one of the guards earning himself a demotion, which only makes him /more/ motivated to torture Carl.
  • Carl is eventually recruited as a volunteer for a highly experimental form of cellular therapy derived from the Super Soldier process in exchange for time off of his sentence. On the day of the procedure, the disgruntled and recently demoted guard waited until the scientist in charge of the experiment was distracted elsewhere to slip in and disrupt the experiment in the hopes of killing or maiming Carl.
  • Instead of dying, Carl just got stronger—a /lot/ stronger. Strong enough to break himself out of prison and keep on running until he managed to get back to New York.
  • To distance himself from his past, Carl changes his name to 'Luke Cage' shortly after arriving. Not long after that, he happens across a holdup in progress and uses his newfound strength and nigh-invulnerability to foil it, earning himelf a reward from the store's owner and inspiring him to use his powers to make a living.
  • Luke opens 'Heroes for Hire', a super-security/investigation firm aimed at helping people in need—for a modest fee, of course. After a fairly slow initial few months, he ends up adopting yet another name - 'Power Man' - to assure would-be clients that they'd be getting an honest to goodness superhero to solve their problems, instead of a guy who just happens to be really strong. The actual roster of Heroes for Hire varies wildly over the years, with Luke running it as solo during some periods and bringing in any number of partners and employees during others.
  • After several solid years of work, Luke meets private investigator Jessica Jones during a case, and the two end up having a one night stand that leaves her with child. Luckily, the two end up hitting it off well enough to establish a more lasting relationship, which eventually leads to marriage.
  • Luke is still operating Heroes for Hire, and in fact relies on it to help put food on the table for his wife and baby girl. It's currently down to just him, but he still has a few names in his rolodex, just in case.

Character Details

Luke works hard to present a cool, resolute face to the world after spending most of his young life letting anger and pride rule him. While he has successfully faced and defeated many of the demons he once struggled with, he's still prone to fits of fury in the face of injustice or threats to his loved ones. Shoot him, stab him, blow him up, whatever; unbreakable skin makes it easy to shrug that stuff off with little more than a frown. Since so much of his life post-incarceration has been focused on protecting people, failing to do so is liable to lead to feelings of overwhelming guilt, followed closely by thunderous anger pointed towards the nearest appropriate outlet, whether it's a wall or a super-villain.

He has a strongly developed sense of right and wrong, in spite of what the mercenary nature of his heroism might suggest. If good deeds put food on the table all by themselves, he would go pro bono in an instant; as it is, he takes care to try and work with people who need him but can't afford him, and he's fairly picky about the types of jobs he'll take and clients he'll work for. When he /isn't/ on the clock as a Hired Hero, he can often be found patrolling his neighborhood on the lookout for anything from drug pushers to kids who ought to be in class to people who just need a sympathetic rock to lean on for a while. After terrorizing the neighborhood and shaming his parents for most of his formative years, he feels that it's the least he can do.


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