Portrayed by Winona Ryder
Full Name Lunair Weir
Age 19
Height 5'6"
Build Average, tall
Eyes Hazel
Hair Dark Brown
Factions None yet.
Occupation Wandering Weapon/Captain Social Skills
Alignment Neutral

Claim to Fame

None really. Is a sorta mercenary. Dubstep guns.


Unknown to most of the public. Usually well regarded amongst the mercenary circles.


Lunair was not born named Lunair. She started life as a Muriel. Regardless, Lunair was born a very sickly kid with little immune system to be spoken of. She wasn't allowed to be held and even then, only with protective gear. Most of her early life was spent in filtered rooms, with cleaned toys and everything. She wasn't expected to live past 8.

A sense of despair and desperation drove her parents to sign her up as part of an experimental medical treatment with several other children who had similar problems. It started with good intentions. But Lunair was kept at the hospital and labs with the others, so she grew distant from her parents over time. Even with TV and some books, she missed out on a lot of critical socialization at a young age. It's left her considerably stunted.

At first, things seemed well. The subjects grew healthier. But as time went on, and some of them began to hit 10-12 years of age things began to get weird. Incidents occurred, and some were manifesting powers. And that's about when things got all Resident Evil up in there. Wanting to test the extent of recovery and power gain, the tests got out of hand. More of the kids began to manifest powers, and Lunair herself ended up manifesting hers when the one kid who could turn into a freaking dragon dude came after her. Freaking out, she pulled a sword out of nowhere and proclaimed herself a knight. This then ended up in a several hour argument between the two on whether girls could be knights or not.

Thankfully, no one was maimed. Things went on, with some training being given to the children although most of it was aimed at understanding their capability rather than functionality. Rather than send their subjects home, parents were told their children were dead and any remains treated as hazardous waste.

However, having a building of middle school aged children with super powers was just sking for trouble. And trouble happened. No one knows the exact details, but a girl capable of moving earth and stone itself 'freaked out' and brought the buildings down, cratering the place. Also, most of the surviving staff agreed that messing with powered children was a terrible place. Lunair was adopted and renamed out of guilt.

Lunair ended up being trained privately and with paramilitary forces. She was homeschooled, and managed to get the equivalent of a high school diploma. Also, she has awesome bonsai.

Character Details

Lunair seems to be a decent enough person. She is friendly and resilient. She just also happens to have an unfortunately violent side, too. While it may not be her personality directly, a dire lack of socialization has left her somewhat blunt and easily confused by social fineries. But she usually means well. Usually.

However, she does have to really work on that violent side, lest she get pulled into fights, murder and worse. It is easy for her to forget how easy it is to kill someone.


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Character Gallery


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