Portrayed by Adelaide Kane
Full Name Audrey Wallace
Age 19
Height 5'4"
Build Slender
Eyes Brown
Hair Black
Factions None
Occupation Sneak
Alignment Neutral

Claim to Fame

Outside of the program, nobody even knows Audrey exists.


Word on the street is that Audrey is tough, self-sufficient, and not an easy mark. Those with access to information about some of the army's classified projects may also be aware that she's trained, intelligent, and adaptable, but reluctant to engage in active force.


Audrey was born an army brat, to a West Point graduate on track to become a high-ranking officer and his high school sweetheart. Her father had shown early promise as a tactician with a particular interest in…unusual soldiers. The position kept him and his family moving from base to base for most of Audrey's early life. She was a quiet, but pleasant child, marked by her teachers for a high intellect and an active imagination, and thanks to the constant movement in her life, she learned how to be adaptable and fit in anywhere.

Life was on track to be relatively normal until, when Audrey was thirteen, one of the less willing members of her father's unit decided to defect, and decided the best way to do it was to take his family hostage. The stress of the situation was sufficient to activate Audrey's x-gene. When the soldier tried to attack her mother, Audrey first blinded him with a blast of light, then hid both herself and her mother by making them invisible until her father and his men could subdue the would-be defector.

When her father realized Audrey's talent, he had her moved from her usual classes into the classes run by his program. She continued to study the usual subjects, but she also studied and practiced her abilities, and began to learn what she would need to become an elite soldier of the unit. There was combat, survival, and firearms training. Life was…intense.

When Audrey turned eighteen, her father expected she would formally enlist and graduate into missions and full membership. Audrey had no such plans. She escaped from the base just outside of Atlanta, and has worked her way north to the tri-cities area, where the sheer number of people - many of them with unusual abilities - will hopefully help hide her presence.

Character Details

Audrey is, at her core, protective and loyal. Had she been handled more carefully, she could have become an extremely loyal soldier. She isn't, however, naturally violent. She prefers subterfuge, stealth, and misdirection over a direct confrontation. She's highly intelligent and interested in several fields, but due to the focus of the program, hasn't had an opportunity to explore more than what it was thought she would need to be a soldier, something she regrets and tries to rectify when she can. She actually has some small talent as an artist, and perfect pitch, but has never had any opportunity to explore either.


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Character Gallery


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