Mack Linden
Mack Linden
Portrayed by Brit Sheridan
Full Name Captain Mackenzie Linden
Age 30
Height 5'5"
Build Wiry
Eyes Blue
Hair Blonde
Factions None
Occupation Fishing Captain/Informant
Alignment Neutral

Claim to Fame

Captain of Quint's Folly


A rough female fishing Captain with a knack for fixing boats.



Mackenzie Linden was born in 1984 to an accountant and his wife in Metropolis. They had wealth and advantage, but their daughter was not like them. She was much more like her grandfather. Frank Linden had been a SHIELD agent for 25 years when he retired and bought a fishing trawler, living his life as a fisherman and continuing on as a SHIELD informant. He married his wife Edith, and when he was nearly 50 Edith gave birth to their son, George. George hate the fishing life and went away to college in Metropolis to become an accountant. He never know what his father did before he became a fisherman, or that Frank was an informant for SHIELD. He met Delia at school, the daughter of the owner of an accounting firm there, and married her. Mack was their only child.

Mack was born with a gift. She had a sense of mechanics and how they worked. She was a kinesthetic learner because of it, and learning rote info in school just bored and frustrated her. She began acting out, hanging with the wrong kids, smoking, and drinking. After getting suspended for the umpteenth time at the age of 16, her parents sent her to Frank for the summer. They figured she would come running back to their cushy Metropolis life after a few months smelling like fish and working her fingers to the bone. They were wrong. Mack loved it, excelled at it, and proceeded to drop out of school and work with Frank full time. Her parents didn't have much choice but to acquiesce to their headstrong child's wishes.

Frank taught her everything he could about fishing, self-defense, boat repair, and a few of his spy skills from back in the day. When he passed away in 2010, he left Mack everything, including his trawler, the Quint's Folly, an inside joke about how Frank in his youth looked like Robert Shaw, the flinty boat captain in JAWS. He didn't die to a shark, but instead to old age.

One thing Mack was glad about, was that Frank had been able to meet his only great-grandchild before he died. In 2007, Mack had a fling with a restaurant chain owner, trying to get a better deal cemented between her business and theirs. Thomas Roth was in his 40s, married to a childless shrew, and Mack was his moment (or ten) of weakness. One of their encounters resulted in an accidental conception and in 2008 Maggie Lynn was born. Thomas' wife, Nancy, found out about the affair and the illegitimate child and all hell broke loose. Thomas sued for custody of the girl, and won. The Quint's Folly was no place for a child to be raised. Mack didn't fight very hard, she knew the Roth's could give Maggie everything, and she couldn't give her much of anything. She was reduces to minimal visits with the child spending a few weeks a year with her.

Not long after Frank passed, Maggie witnessed a human trafficking ring using shipping containers to move their merchandise into New York. She took up Frank's work as a SHIELD informant and let the organization know about the situation through one of his old dead drops. They continued to make payments to her for information since.

Character Details

Mack is a rough-around the edges type, with some bad habits, but she's a good person at heart who tries to do the right thing. She gave up her daughter to a better life, and continued her grandfather's work, despite the risk it put her in. She is a good employer, honest with those she works with, and tries to do right by those she hires. She is a fair trader with those who buy her fish, and she tries to take steps to minimize the environmental impact her trawling has. As such, she's learned to live with less, and make what funds she has stretch.


Image Name Relation Information
Mack-compass.jpg The Compass Rose Tattoo Mack's tattoo has a mind of its own. It's mystical, and has made her psychically sensitive as well as leading her to witness or stop supernatural situations.
Mack-rufus.jpg Rufus Dog Mack's best friend and the ship's water rescue, a 3 year old Leonberger.
Mack-maggie.jpg Maggie Lynn Roth Daughter Mack's estranged six-year old daughter. Maggie lives with her father and his wife.
Mack-roths.jpg Thomas and Nancy Roth Daughter's Father Thomas is the father of Mack's kid. Maggie lives with him and his wife, Nancy.
Mack-frank.jpg Frank Linden Grandfather (deceased) Mack's grandfather was her real parent. He taught her everything she knows.
Mack-lindens.jpg George and Delia Linden Parents Mack's estranged parents. They live in Metropolis where George is an accountant.
constantine-01.jpg John Constantine The Coach The guy with the magic house who is trying to teach her how to stay alive. Good taste in booze.
flash.jpg Barry Allen New Friend Mack took pity on the nerdy guy that's new to the city. She's taken up as his pal.

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Class Is In Session
January 7 2015: Constantine begins teaching Mack about the basics of keeping alive in the magical world.
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