Rachel Summers
Marvel Girl
Portrayed by Herself
Full Name Rachel 'Ray' Anne Grey-Summers
Age 23
Height 5'7"
Build Slender
Eyes Green
Hair Red
Factions X-Men
Alignment Heroine

Claim to Fame

Daughter of Scott Summers & Jean Grey from an Alternate Timeline. One time host of the Phoenix Force.


Rachel Summers is pretty much known only to the X-Men. She seems to have some weird family connection to Scott Summers and Jean Grey and knows most of the X-Men even if they do not know her; alternate reality stuff.


Rachel Anne 'Ray' Grey-Summers is the daughter of Jean Grey and Scott Summers from an alternate timeline that mirrored the prime reality before diverging drastically. In her reality, Senator Robert Kelly was assassinated causing a widespread fear and paranoia against mutants, causing an anti-mutant candidate to win the next election. The X-Men were declared fugitives and one by one she saw those she had loved and admired killed or imprisoned as the Sentinels began a purge of all mutant-life. Finally the Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters was attacked and destroyed by Federal Troops; the only survivor of the attack was Rachel who had been found at the side of Professor's Xavier's body.

She would be tortured and brainwashed after her capture by sadistic scientists who turned her into a mutant 'hound', being forced to use her psionic powers to hunt down other mutants for the authorities including people she loved and was forced to kill. It was during one particularly sadistic torture session that Rachel broke free of her brainwashing, the emotional intensity of her grief and anguish over the things she had done combined with the pain allowing her to regain her former self; she attacked her captors and was rendered useless as a hound.

Rachel was imprisoned with other surviving mutants for experimentation at a Containment Facility where she managed to re-join surviving members of the X-Men she had long thought dead. The group of them would hatch a plan to save the world from this horrible fate by changing the past in a desperate attempt that could cost all of them their lives. Their first attempt was unsuccessful and they had found that the past could not be changed as they had attempted to. In the intervening time, Rachel found herself the only survivor of the X-Men along with another when the rest of the team had perished in an assault on the Sentinel's Headquarters.

The other survivor and Rachel attempted once more to find a way to correct the mistakes of the past, with Rachel sending her astral projected-self back in time, where she would first encounter the Phoenix Force. Rachel passed out upon her encounter with the Phoenix Force as well as the strain of her time travel and it was then that her friend made a deal with the Phoenix Force. Rachel's powers were boosted and she was sent back in time physically, instead of being sent back to her own time period she arrived in the mainstream reality.

The young mutant and survivor of an entire reality found herself returned to a time when the X-Men had all lived once more and there was no assassination to prevent. She found some of the horrors she had lived through hard to remember, her memory fragmented and disjointed through time travel but she felt that she was home; at least for a time.

Not long after her arrival at the Xavier Institute of her reality, Rachel had seemingly disappeared again as mysteriously as she had arrived. The Sentinel Nimrod had pursued her from her own Timeline and attempted to eliminate her, it was the Phoenix Force within her that saved her life after several journeys through different timelines. After the destruction of pursuer and the apparent elimination of her own timeline Rachel would become lost within two separate streams of time.

One Rachel would become stranded in the future and become Mother Askani; founder of the Clan Askani. The other Rachel would be sent to the end of time itself where she was captured and depowered, the Phoenix Force within her being enslaved. It was her brother Nathan, the man known as Cable who would manage to save her and return her to the prime reality.

For most of the X-Men, Rachel had only been gone for a few months since her initial appearance and disappearance. Her travels had taken her what seemed like years through the time stream, her brother keeping the secret about her return while she recovered from the ordeals she had been through. Taking on the codename Marvel Girl, just like her mother once did Rachel is happy to be home and among her family once more.

Character Details

Rachel on the surface is a nice person who can be spirited and determined. However she is haunted by the days of her future past when she lost everyone she cared about. She's gotten past the emotional volatility that came with those losses but it doesn't mean she is over everything she has been through. Most of the time she feels like an outsider but it's caused her to be loyal to her family, the X-Men above all else.


Image Name Relation Information
Cyke-Main.jpg Mr. Summers Father Awkward.
phoenix.jpg Ms. Grey Mother Awkward
Cable02.jpg Nathan Summers Brother Promised to protect him when he was just a baby.

Character Gallery


Sins of the Present
March 16, 2015: While Cyclops and Phoenix plan a recon mission on the Centurion Project, Rachel comes to confess her insubordinate actions.
(log: 20150316-sins-of-the-present | tags: cyclops marvel-girl mimic phoenix x-men | posted: 18 Mar 2015 01:22)

Sins of the Future #10: Endgame
???? ?? ??: Rachel Summers convinces a small group of X-Men including Lunair, Audrey & Nate Grey to accompany her on a 'sanctioned' mission. The mutant mercenary Shift is also hired to accompany them as backup.

They begin a desperate assault on the military base in the Pacific the X-Men had formerly been to in a mission, destroying it once and for all.

All traces of Project: Centurion are eliminated. The Mission is a Success.
(log: 20150315-endgame | tags: lunair lux marvel-girl shift sinsofthefuture x-man x-men | posted: 15 Mar 2015 23:38)

Kobiyashi Maru
March 13th, 2015: Rachel & Scott head into the Danger Zone to discuss recent events and Scott is given a chance to experience a Danger Room simulation put together by Rachel about her own future. Lorna, Rachel, Lunair and Nate also meet to discuss some things. Lorna makes herself a new helmet.
(log: 20150313-vision | tags: armory cyclops lunair marvel-girl polaris sinsofthefuture x-man x-men | posted: 14 Mar 2015 22:23)

Sins of the Future #9: Revelation
March 12th, 2015: Rachel Summers (Marvel Girl) & Calvin Rankin (Mimic) get together to pool their knowledge of the future and alternate timelines to see what solutions they can come up with regarding Project: Centurion. Rachel reveals her history to Calvin including WHY she is here in the present. They also discuss Gold Team and Rachel approaching Scott about the potential of leading it.
(log: 20150312-revelation | tags: marvel-girl mimic sinsofthefuture x-men | posted: 12 Mar 2015 06:02)

Hows The Wound?
March 12, 2015: Rachel goes to check in on Bobby and the discuss a number of things, including her history (or is it Bobby's future?).
(log: 20150312-howsthewound | tags: iceman marvel-girl | posted: 13 Mar 2015 20:34)

Sins of the Future #8: Omen
<March 09th, 2016>: Shadowcat, Cypher, Doug and Marvel-Girl analyze the data stolen from the secret military base they encountered in a prior mission. They discover the true capabilities of Project: CENTURION.
(log: 20150309-omen | tags: beast cypher kitty_pryde marvel-girl shadowcat sinsofthefuture x-men | posted: 09 Mar 2015 23:22)

Snake Cults and Bad Science
March 08 2015: Misfit, the Fox and Marvel Girl all arrive at the same HYDRA hide out. This goes badly for HYDRA
(log: 20150308-snake-cults-and-bad-science | tags: fox marvel-girl misfit | posted: 13 Mar 2015 10:51)

Sins of the Future #7: Black Sun
March 07th 2016: Following the events of SotF #6, the X-Men deploy via The Blackbird to a top secret military base where they encounter more than they bargained for.
(log: 20150307-black-sun | tags: cyclops gambit havok iceman kitty_pryde lunair marvel-girl rocket_red_iv shadowcat sinsofthefuture x-man x-men | posted: 07 Mar 2015 02:21)

What Next?
March 06, 2015: Scott, Kitty, Jean, Rachel and Calvin discuss the Pacific operation upon returning to X-Men HQ, along with the tragic murder that took place at home.
(log: 20150306-what-next | tags: cyclops kitty_pryde marvel-girl mimic phoenix shadowcat x-men | posted: 07 Mar 2015 16:36)

Sins of the Future #6: Too Late
March 6th, 2016: The X-Men are socializing when a call to arms interrupts it.
(log: 20150306-too-late | tags: beast cyclops gambit havok lunair marvel-girl sinsofthefuture x-man x-men | posted: 06 Mar 2015 18:13)

Sins of the Future #5: Reunion
March 5th, 2016: Alex Summers and Scott Summers are reunited finally and to boot, Scott also gets a flying car. Mike, Lorna, Rachel and Calvin also discuss 'The Sisterhood'.
(log: 20150305-reunion | tags: cyclops havok marvel-girl metal mimic polaris sinsofthefuture x-man x-men | posted: 05 Mar 2015 19:54)

No 'Friends' of Mine
March 05 2015: A Purifier mob rolls into M-Town to bust and burn the place. A group of X-Men, Mutants and Concerned Citizens stop them.
(log: 20150305-no-friends-of-mine | tags: iceman longshot marvel-girl mystique partisan pepper_potts shift | posted: 06 Mar 2015 11:05)

To The Moon!
March 02, 2016: Rachel meets Nate's girlfriend Rose and the three of them discuss a trip to the moon.
(log: 20150303-to-the-moon | tags: marvel-girl ravager x-man xmen | posted: 03 Mar 2015 19:26)

Helicarrier Hijacking: Brains of the Operation
March 01 2015: A small team of X-Men, Zatanna and Spearhead respond to an urgent request for help in battling a twisted SHIELD helicarrier
(log: 20150301-helicarrier-hyjacking:brains-of-the-operation | tags: aspect lunair marvel-girl shield spearhead x-man zatanna | posted: 03 Mar 2015 11:32)

Rescue One: Angel One
February 28th, 2015: Rescue One to the rescue… with help from an intrepid band of heroes… before the SRD Sonic bomb the area!
(log: 20150228-rescueoneangelsone | tags: kitty_pryde marvel-girl nyc shadowcat wolf_cub wonder_man zatanna | posted: 02 Mar 2015 23:23)

Sins of the Future #4: Havoc
February 27th, 2016: Members of the X-Men follow up on a lead they had found in New York City concerning the sisterhood. When they arrive at the estate, they detect a mutant presence in great pain; it was Alexander Summers and The Sisterhood was preparing to use him as a living weapon that would destroy a large portion of the Eastern Seaboard. If the X-Men didn't act quickly, Gotham, Metropolis and New York would be lost.
(log: 20150227-sins-of-the-future:havoc | tags: cable havok iceman lunair lux marvel-girl metal sinsofthefuture sunspot x-men | posted: 27 Feb 2015 18:31)

Sins of the Future #3: Deception
February 26th, 2016: Alex Summers heads to the outskirts of Gotham City after he receives a text from a stranger claiming to have information about his long lost brother; Scott. Spearhead and Falcon happen to be in the area on their own business and get drawn into a mysterious encounter, with Alex being the target. (Emits by Rachel)
(log: 20150226-deception | tags: falcon havok marvel-girl sinsofthefuture spearhead x-men | posted: 26 Feb 2015 17:03)

Sins of the Future #2: Reflection
February 23, 2015: The X-Men Red Team as well as a student from the Institute help the NYPD investigate a grisly murder, drawing them into a vast conspiracy far bigger than any of them. (Emits by Rachel)
(log: 20150223-sins-of-the-future:reflection | tags: cypher iceman lunair lux magik marvel-girl metal sinsofthefuture sotf sunspot x-men | posted: 24 Feb 2015 07:38)

GT or Flying Car?
February 23, 2015: Scott gets to know his time displaced children better, while Mike offers to build him a flying car. Scott Summers is having a good day.
(log: 20150223-gt-or-flying-car | tags: cyclops marvel-girl metal x-man x-men | posted: 24 Feb 2015 14:01)

Family Reunion
February 23rd, 2016: Cable invites Jean Grey over to give her the answers she was looking for. She meets Rachel Summers for the first time.
(log: 20150223-family-reunion | tags: cable marvel-girl phoenix | posted: 23 Feb 2015 18:29)

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