Sidhe (very occasionally)
Portrayed by Pixie Lott
Full Name Meggan Puceanu
Age 25
Height 5'8"
Build Athletic, curvy
Eyes Blue (variable)
Hair Blonde (Variable)
Factions X-Men (?)
Occupation Adventurer
Alignment Hero

Claim to Fame

An empathic shapeshifter often seen hanging around with X-people.


Meggan is a reasonably photogenic X-Person and an international adventurer. She gives entertaining interviews with the press very occasionally. She is very easy to get along with and is not really leading anyone's list of mutant menaces… yet.


Meggan was born to poor Romani parents in England; her powers manifested at birth, making her seem to be a densely furred goblinoid creature. Her parents kept her in their caravan trailer, and their discomfort and fear echoed through Meggan's empathic powers and left her in that form. She was later separated from them, and found by kindly Americans - who had a school for gifted youngsters, you see.

Meggan thought she didn't have powers, but this was rapidly disproved, and as she realized that - yes - she was genuinely able to change her form, she blossomed into a lovely young woman, to her great relief. From here she had many adventures and excitements, ranging from the uncanny to the astonishing, and periodically would return to her native UK as well.

Character Details

Meggan is a bright and cheerful woman and gets along with most people, due to both a generally sunny nature and her empathic abilities.


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