Portrayed by Lana del Rey
Full Name Meredith McCorr (Merilani Malacorr)
Age 31
Height 5'7"
Build Modelesque
Eyes Dark Green
Hair Red
Factions None
Occupation Cult Leader, Ex-Actress
Alignment Villain

Claim to Fame

Meridian is unknown to the general public. Meredith McCorr is an Oscar-winning actress who suddenly dropped out of the public eye at age 26 and has not resurfaced since.


Meridian is the mysterious leader of a beauty-obsessed cult operating deep in the occult underworld of New York City. Meredith McCorr is a famous actress who became a recluse and never gave any kind of reason: she just disappeared. Merilani Malacorr is a runaway from Attilan, still pursued.


Merilani Malacorr was an Inhuman who gained the power to manipulate minds from the Terrigen Mists. Seeking adventure, she ran away from Attilan at age 18 and joined the world of humans. The young and beautiful Merilani was found by a Hollywood talent scout, who helped to guide her on the path to stardom. When it became clear how bankable her magnetic presence was, Hollywood fixers set her up with a new passport and an identity: Meredith McCorr.

Over the next six years, Meredith McCorr quickly launched to megastardom, going from tiny parts in horror movies to leading roles in dramas and romances. She was part of the pedigree-project ensemble drama 'Twenty Breaths,' for which she won the Best Supporting Actress Oscar. She was on top of the world, commanding huge salaries, partying every night, and charming international box offices with her irresistible charisma.

Then, she vanished. Meredith became convinced that with the Oscar win, the other Inhumans would find her, and disappeared. She became a recluse and eventually faded from public curiosity. But over the years, her sanity had quietly been dissipating, helped along by her Hollywood lifestyle. She became convinced the role of the beautiful and charismatic was to crush and destroy the 'ugly' parts (and people of the world). She gathered some like-minded 'beautiful people' and lo, a cult was born, with the newly-christened Meridian quickly progressing from bizarre occult tracts to actual human sacrifice…

Character Details

Meridian is not a sane person by any stretch of the imagination. She is so far gone from reality that she thinks murdering people is okay, as long as they're ugly, and around this lack of connection she's built an elaborate occult justification. The belief system her cult runs by is, at best, incoherent and self-contradictory. But that's just because it's a direct channel from her mind.

Meridian's ego is second to none. The fame and adulation of her Hollywood career went to her head, and she sees herself as definitively 'above' the average person. (And as an Inhuman, doubly so!) When things don't go her way, she blames everyone else's failings, and never her own. She's a nasty piece of work in a glamorous wrapper.


Image Name Relation Information
EmmaFrost.png Emma Frost Peer Interesting.
meggan.png Meggan Peer Hmm.
Hawkeye.jpg Clinton Pawn Wasted potential.
LadyHawkeye01.jpg Hawkeye Meddler Who?
DomProfile14.jpg Domino Meddler Marked for death.

Selected Filmography

  • No U Turn (2003): Meredith McCorr's film debut. Horror movie about a killer stalking teens on the highway. McCorr plays Shana, a minor character who is killed early in the film.
  • Colleagues and Mistresses (2004): McCorr's breakthrough role. Racy romantic comedy about an interconnected web of relationships at an Ivy League university. McCorr plays Miriam, the ditzy young dominatrix of a septugenarian professor.
  • A Design for Love (2005): McCorr's first leading role. Romantic comedy about two architect co-workers who don't realize that they're perfect for each other. McCorr plays Irene, the female lead.
  • Good Morning Again (2006): Drama about a doomed relationship between a failing realtor and the waitress who serves his coffee every morning. McCorr plays Marta, the waitress.
  • The Boundaries of Crime (2007): Crime thriller about an Irish detective whose grandmother is kidnapped by a grotesque serial killer. McCorr plays Jeannie, the detective's partner and protege.
  • Sparkle (2007): Drama about a heroin addict's attempts to stay clean for her younger sister's high school graduation. McCorr plays Carole, the lead.
  • Twenty Breaths (2008): Ensemble romantic drama about an Irish Mafia family in the 1970s. McCorr plays Shelly, a fearless, explosive mob wife. Won the Best Supporting Actress Academy Award in 2009 for this part.
  • Queen of Stunts (2009): McCorr's final film to date, filmed after Twenty Breaths. Romantic comedy about a woman becoming a Hollywood stuntwoman to prove that she's brave enough to commit to her boyfriend. McCorr plays Leigh, the lead.

2009 Ted Casablanca Blind Item

Pollyanna Paranoia Losing Sleep As Well As Her Mind? It's hard to think of careers more charmed than that of the glamorous Miss Pollyanna Paranoia. Young P-Squared was marked for stardom almost from minute one, so much so that the studio execs were falling over each other trying to recruit her (and not just for films…!). She's got it all: the career, the real estate, the money, the bod. But the one thing she doesn't have… well, TWO things: a steady man and a decent night's sleep! (Yes, it's another hetero Blind Vice! It's almost becoming a trend!) It's not like it's hard for Pollyanna P. to get a date. Word on the street (and in the sheets) is that her batting average is closing in on .999… but getting them to stick around longer than a week is a big fat zee-ro! And it's not the drinking, or the drugs, which Ms. Paranoia is no stranger to, even if it's never made it out to the public… her friends all think it's an actual mental disorder! Ever since reaching the highest point of her young career, Pol-Pol has been obsessed with some kind of "secret society" hunting her down, and she's been sleeping as little as possible. It's virtually all she talks about! One young hunk who went on a date with her didn't even make it to the bedroom, because all throughout dinner she kept making him keep a watch out for a magic giant dog… and that's the most believable of her stories! Her agent, her manager, and just about everyone else with money riding on Pollyanna Paranoia are in fear of losing their star asset… and if she doesn't get some help soon, Pollyanna might lose her mind. AND IT AIN'T: Kristen Stewart, Dakota Fanning, Scarlett Johansson

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