Portrayed by Damian Lewis
Age 38?
Height 6'5"
Build Tall & Muscular
Eyes Brown
Hair Red
Factions His Own. Also Stormwatch.
Occupation Waste Disposal
Alignment Is in the eye of the beholder.

Claim to Fame

Government cloned, superhuman killing machine.


To most: Who? To a few: Night's Bringer of War.


The man's sitting on his couch wearing just a pair of boxers and drinking a beer. The couch is a ratty looking thing but the springs are still good. The apartment is in a run down building in the Lower East Side. A news show is on the television though it's just so much background noise until something is said that catches his attention. Instead, he's looking at the ID packets fanned out across the coffee table in front of him. Most will stand up to government verification.

Lucas Trent. Perhaps the most 'normal' of the fake identities. Born in Harmony, Indiana but left after graduation. Lucas is solidly middle class, small town and Bible Belt. The apartment is rented in this name.

Jack Baker. Born in Gotham City and never had the money to leave. Lower class and blue collar. Hires out as temp labor when he can find it. Criminal record of drunk and disorderly and assault. Getting into bar fights is a hobby in Gotham.

Adam Hoffman. Though he lives in Metropolis, he likes to travel and even has a passport. Adam's fond of Europe and South America though he hasn't left the country in a couple years. Not one of the one percent but far from poor, he has enough money to last a lifetime.

There's a few others but those are the ones he use most often. Plus two he got off the street that the agency doesn't know about. They won't hold up to scrutiny but they rarely have to.

All those names but the only one he thinks of himself as is the Midnighter. He has no memories from a time when he wasn't the Midnighter. He was a member of a government agency used for black ops and then betrayed by that same agency. He survived and then hid from that agency. Then rehired by that agency followed by retired from that agency. It's been a year or so since he was part of That Agency. And now they want him back. He'll see how that goes.

Character Details

Tends to be gruff and curt with a dry, very dark sense of humor. Also tells it like it is.



Character Gallery


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