Portrayed by Kellan Lutz
Full Name Calvin Montgomery Rankin
Age 32
Height 6'3"
Build Tall and muscular
Eyes Blue
Hair Blonde
Factions X-Men
Occupation TBD
Alignment Hero

Claim to Fame

Power Mimicing Alternate Reality Refugee


Mimic is a well known, gay mutant hero. He showed up out of nowhere a couple of years ago then came out and out in Out magazine six months later.

Calvin Rankin is a little known author of a novel featuring a mutant FBI agent.


Sometimes it feels like the world just has it in for you from day one. Dirt poor, dead mother, dejected, bitter father for whom you can never do anything right. You never had a chance, tou're never given a chance, and you know you'll never get a chance. The solution? Take what you want when you want it. Mostly that took the form of petty crime. And then Calvin's mutant powers manifested when he found himself close to five, unusual teenagers. He could feel their powers rushing into him though he wasn't quite certain what was happening. It was an awesome high and he didn't let them get out of sight for hours. Eventually, he couldn't follow them any more but by that time, he didn't need to. The extended contact had let him store the powers of all five and he realized what he was: a mutant. Now he could really take what he wanted.

Joining the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants was an obvious decision. Unfortunately, their first mission was a failure and they abandoned him when he fell against the X-Men. Seems that even as a mutant, the world had it in for him. He was languishing in prison, when the world just had to twist the knife some more and he received a visit from Professor Xavier, the mentor of the X-Men. And then the world turned upside down. He was offered a chance to get out of jail and to attend the school. It was a chance doomed to failure of course. He knew it. But it would get him out of prison. What the hell. Yes.

To his surprise, he found acceptance and friends instead of enemies. He grew skilled and confident and led the team. And in a world with no real anti-mutant prejudice, a world where superheroes were given the fame and acclaim usually bestowed upon royalty, he thrived as did all the X-Men. Many more mutants joined ovr the years and they weren't just a team, they were family. He even found romance with the Avengers' Wonder Man. He knew what happiness was.

Until the day he was unhinged from time and yanked from his reality. The multiverse was breaking, he was told. Individual realities needed to be fixed before the accumulated effect destroyed all of creation. Whether he liked it or not - and he didn't - he had a new team and they were sent off to fix things one reality at a time. And they did. They became friends. Mostly. But he wasn't happy. He had a life. A great life. His reality was practically idyllic compared to the ones the others came from and all he wanted was to return home.

They traveled from reality to reality, doing what they were told in order to fix the multiverse. As things are wont to do when dealing with multiple realities and evil villains, Cal was seriously injured to the point where his healing factor was barely keeping him alive. One of the Exiles, another mutant from a different reality than Cal's, knew of a mutant training with the X-Men in his own reality with remarkable healing powers so they took him there. Though Calvin was healed physically, being among the X-Men again - even ones not of his own reality - wounded his heart almost as badly as his body was hurt and his friends could see that. They convinced him to stay instead of continuing on as an Exile with the promise that they would come get him if there was ever an emergency they needed his help with.

He made a home on Earth-626 for a number of years and then, as promised, the Exiles came to get him when they needed his help. Once the mission was accomplished, he returned home to discover that although almost two years passed for him, it was only three months on 626.

Character Details

Simply put, Cal is a white hat. Despite his rough start, once he realized that he could stop being a victim any time he chose to, he chose to be a hero instead. His home reality's near reverence of superheroes just reinforced that. This also translates into how he deals with people, especially students at the school. He's generally patient and tries to encourage them to be their best.




Charles Xavier (Earth-12)
Currently Mimicing
1) Wolverine (Earth-12)
2) Colossus (Earth-12)
3) Blink (Earth-295)
4) Phoenix (Earth-626)
5) Tends to change - Often Cyclops (Earth-626)

A note about canon.

I'm using almost all of it for this character with only a few changes. So if anyone has a reason to know him from his Exile days or even his Earth-12 days, here are the differences:

1) Cal was in a relationship with his reality's version of Wonder Man.
2) He and Blink were only the best of friends and never romantic towards each other.
3) He mimiced a few different powers than the ones he used for much of the series.
4) His time with the Exiles ended in issue #68. He never mimiced Deadpool. Instead, Beak told the Exiles of a mutant healer who could probably heal Cal. They took him to that reality* and after being healed, Cal ended up staying.

*That reality is the game reality. If anyone wants to play Beak or Elixir or even an OC mutant healer this can be worked into their BG if they like.

Character Gallery


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Justice League:Avengers GO!
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Justice Donuts
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Sins of the Future #9: Revelation
March 12th, 2015: Rachel Summers (Marvel Girl) & Calvin Rankin (Mimic) get together to pool their knowledge of the future and alternate timelines to see what solutions they can come up with regarding Project: Centurion. Rachel reveals her history to Calvin including WHY she is here in the present. They also discuss Gold Team and Rachel approaching Scott about the potential of leading it.
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What Next?
March 06, 2015: Scott, Kitty, Jean, Rachel and Calvin discuss the Pacific operation upon returning to X-Men HQ, along with the tragic murder that took place at home.
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Sins of the Future #5: Reunion
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The Cure, Finale (X-men/Fantastic Four Teamup)
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X:4:X The Plan
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Free Food Wins
February 2, 2015: Cal runs into Nate and they talk about realities. Back scened.
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Snowball Fight
January 28, 2015: Quicksilver attempts to infiltrate Xavier's during a snow war.
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Voidrealm: The City
January 11 2015 (Backdated Scene): Carol and Cal are taken to the City of the Avatar
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Voidrealm: In Search of the Master
January 11 2015: Carol and Cal journey to Voidrealm to see what's on the other side of the Black Valley Rift
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Psychics and Rockets
January 2, 2015: Professor X sends a psychic message and tries to recruit a young speedster.
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