Miss America
Miss America
Portrayed by Christina Milian
Full Name America Chavez
Age 19
Height 5'10"
Build Athletic
Eyes Hazel
Hair Brown
Factions Fantastic Four (Occasional ally), Independent
Occupation Teenage Hero
Alignment Hero

Claim to Fame

America is relatively unknown in this universe, having just arrived.


To those who knows her, America is seen both as a fierce warrior, a loyal team-member to those who deserve her loyalty. She is also seen as a punch-happy sarcastic young woman with a sharp tongue.


Miss America Chavez (nee America Chavez) was born to two mothers in an Utopian dimension created by the future Demiurge in her reality: Billy Kaplan. Her mothers perished while restoring stability to her dimension, saving it from collapse, and young America decided at that point to leave her perfect world behind in order to find a place where she could truly make a difference, a place in need of a hero. In her ten-year long career she has traveled the multiverse, joined up with several groups of heroes and fought against increasing threats, culminating with the defeat of the Mother Parasite on Earth 616. During this time of her career she fell into that world's version of the Young Avengers, where she formed (sort-of) friendships with that Earth's Kate Bishop, Hulkling and Wiccan… and perfected her skills in Loki-ball. After the defeat of the Mother Parasite, America went on the move again, searching for worlds that need her, knowing that anywhere in the multiverse is only a kick or a punch away.

Character Details

Miss America Chavez is, essentially, the ultimate hero-worshipper. But she would punch you through the wall if you ever even suggested this. Yet, her history reveals this to a fault: The daughter of two heroines (Mrs. and Mrs. Chavez) who sacrificed their lives to keep their home dimension from collapsing, America fled her responsibilities in her perfect dimension so that she could find a place that was truly in need of her. Behind the abrasive exterior, America wants nothing more but to be a heroine, even if her adolescent cynicism points suggests that she does not believe this. The very core of America is the constant striving towards heroism and in doing the right thing- which oftentimes is neither pleasant nor easy. She is volatile and impatient with those who dilly-dally and beat around the bush, because in her book any delays only create more messes that have to be cleaned. Her mothers and the Demiurge are three heroic images she holds as examples in her heart- even if Billy Kaplan has disappointed her to some extent, the very real sacrifice that her mothers performed is something she can never forget nor ignore.


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Don't Call Me Princess
<February 10, 2015>: Kate Bishop and America Chavez meet for the first time… in this universe, at least.
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Don't Mess With Our Children!
January 19, 2015: A group of mercenaries have taking advantage of the recent chaos to kidnapped some super power children to sell as sex slaves and child soldiers. They expected for some heroes to show up and crash the auction.
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