Mister Fantastic
Mister Fantastic
Portrayed by Miles Teller
Full Name Dr. Reed Richards
Age 36
Height Varies
Build Varies
Eyes Brown
Hair Graying
Factions Fantastic Four
Occupation Scientist, Adventurer
Alignment Hero

Claim to Fame

Reed Richards is famous for his role in the Fantastic Four!


Reed has the reputation of a well known hero, beloved by many people in America for his altruism and his assistance to the development of technology for mankind. Among heroes he's known as a powerful ally and sounding board, especially in high level crisis situations.


The only son of Nathaniel and Evelyn Richards displayed great promise almost immediately. His mother died when Reed was only seven years old and the young man plunged himself into his studies as a way to bury his pain and use as a self-affirming tool. To even his own father's surprise, Reed excelled like few others and gained several degrees in assorted science including chemistry, biology, and his favorite, physics from as far ranging universities as Harvard, Columbia, and the California Institute of Technology.

But at age 18, Reed went to complete his doctorate work at Empire State University and this is where he came to meet the others who would make up the Fantastic Four when he rented a room from Sue Storm's aunt.

Sadly, Nathaniel Richards disappeared shortly after Reed completed his doctorate and left his son with a billion dollar inheritance. Rather than sit on his wealth, he began to invest his fortune, betting on his own ability to create.

With his friends by his side, Reed took a test rocket out into space in one of the first commercial projects of such grandeur. Unfortunately, Reed miscalculated the presence of a cosmic storm that enveloped their craft. In addition to the other gifts his friends were given, Reed had his DNA altered and gained an unbelievable power of elasticity. In truth, however, Reed was relieved that despite his mistake he was able to get his friends home alive.

Shortly after their powers came to be, the four heroes banded together and formed the Fantastic Four, a group of superheroes devoted to making the world a better place.

Character Details

Reed can be many things. He's simultaneously a warm friend and family member, who can be cold and calculating when confronted with a problem. He's incredibly focused, but can also be absent-minded when distracted. At times he can come off as aloof and laconic, and other times a complete nerd.

He's an affable guy and always eager to lend a helping hand to those in need, and has taken a fondness to helping out newer heroes get their start. He believes in this grand experiment of the superhero as a way of promoting safety on Earth and serves as an inspiration.


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Character Gallery


Core Dimensions
March 28, 2015: Sue and Reed have examined the core from the Helicarrier and have information from Jericho.
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Russian spores are the worst spores
March 21, 2015: Reed and Sue stumble upon a medical emergency.
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Core of the Matter
March 09 2015: Jericho takes the corrupted SHIELD core to the Fantastic Four for analysis.
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Gang Problems are Everywhere
February 24, 2015: Reed and Sue travel to Malawi in order to help fight an epidemic. They get more than they bargained for.
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X:4:X Loose Ends
February 21, 2015: Jean and Scott pay a visit to the Baxter Building
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The Cure, Finale (X-men/Fantastic Four Teamup)
February 15, 2015: The X-men and Fantastic Four travel to the N-Zone to find the elements needed to prevent the dreaded affliction to Mutants from spreading.
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X:4:X The Plan
February 9, 2015: The X-men meet with Reed and Ben to hear about a terrible sickness infecting mutant kind.
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All You Can Absorb
January 29, 2015: A violent misunderstanding regarding the sample policies of every restaurant at the Queens Center food court leads to a brawl.
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The Last Days of Wonder - Metropolis
January 11, 2015: Metropolis suffers an attack to their electric grid.
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Some Sorcerer's Apprentice
January 10, 2015: In the middle of Central Park, dinosaurs oddly begin appearing, almost out of thin air. A rag-tag group of heroes deals with the problem.
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Playing Hard to Get
January 01, 2015: Sue and Reed get a strange visitor
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