Portrayed by Adrianne Palicki
Full Name Barbara Morse
Age 31
Height 5'11"
Build Athletic
Eyes Blue
Hair Blonde
Factions S.H.I.E.L.D./ JL:A
Occupation S.H.I.E.L.D. Special Agent/ Avenger
Alignment Hero

Claim to Fame

SHIELD Agent and Biochemist, member of the Justice League: Avengers


Charming but tough as nails.


Barbara "Bobbi" Morse has always been a prodigy of sorts. She was a champion gymnast in high school, and went on to receive a Ph.D in biochemistry and pass the Civil Service exam. The latter allowed her to work with the professor who mentored her on trying to rediscover the super soldier serum that was given to Captain America during World War II. Eventually, SHIELD took notice and recruited her. She went through rigorous physical, mental, and weapons training, turning her into an exceptional martial artist and marksman who specialized in batons that could be interlocked to form a bo staff.

Her career in SHIELD has been a good one. She has been able to use her espionage skills to infiltrate various organizations and her charm and wits to stay alive. The latter two things also landed her a husband, or two, but neither marriage stuck to her dismay.

Character Details

Bobbi is many things when it comes to personality. Even she isn't sure which is the real Barbara Morse. She is charming, adapting whatever personality best suits the job, but she is also hard as nails and cold when life requires it. She has difficulty forgiving and holds grudges, but can be almost motherly when she chooses to.



Image Name Relation Information Image Name Relation Information
Lance_Hunter3.jpg Lance Hunter #1 Ringtone: Kiss With A Fist - First ex-husband. He just couldn't cope with the whole "spy" thing, constantly second guessing if I was lying to him. The sad part? I wasn't. Passion was all consuming but damaging too. But now we're trying again. God help us both. Hawkeye.jpg Hawkeye #2 Ringtone: You Really Got a Hold On Me - Second ex-husband. This one could have worked out but it didn't. Still love him, and we're only now learning to be friends again after our loss.
MariaHillProfile.jpg Maria Hill Boss Deputy Director and Fury's Right Hand. Stay on the good side. 406px-blackwidow2.jpg Natasha Romanoff Super Spy Still the one all us SHIELD agents aspire to be. An awesome lady.
argyle_main.jpg Socks Upgrader The guy who makes our weapons even better. May2.jpg Agent May Special Agent She is the image in the dictionary next to the word 'badass'.
Fitz-01.jpg Fitz Engineer Smart and smarter yet when he's around Simmons. simmons.jpg Simmons Biochemist My path had I not become an agent?
LadyHawkeye01.jpg The Replacement Clint's Girlfriend It might take a while for me to warm up to her, but she's good for Clint, at least for the time being. For his happiness, I'll put on a smile.

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Into the Fold
March 13, 2015: Clint checks in on Bobbi, and she agrees to join the JL:A
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