Portrayed by Blake Lively
Full Name Dr. Karla Sofen
Age 28
Height 5'11"
Build Tall and curvy
Eyes Blue
Hair Blonde
Factions None
Occupation Psychiatrist turned Supervillain
Alignment Villain

Claim to Fame

Supervillainess with the power of a Kree gravity stone


Sociopathic, manipulative bitch.


  • Karla grew up in the mansion of a Hollywood producer, the child of a butler. Karla watched as her father put others before himself every day.
  • After her father died, her mother worked three jobs to put her daughter through college, and Karla vowed never to end up like her mother, to never put another's needs before her own.
  • While going to college, Karla attended many lectures taught by Doctor Leonard Samson.
  • Despite building a successful psychological practice, Karla so disliked being dependent on her patients for income that she entered the super-criminal world as an aide to Doctor Faustus and other criminals in order to fulfill her lust for power and control.
  • During this time, Dr. Faustus taught Karla some of his methods of psychology in an unofficial capacity, giving her extensive knowledge in this area.
  • After learning of the original Moonstone, Lloyd Bloch, Karla managed to get herself appointed as his psychologist by the prison board, due to the insane costs of the cell required to keep him.
  • After learning of its powers, Karla manipulated him into rejecting the source of his powers, an extraterrestrial gem of considerable power, which she then absorbed to gain the powers of Moonstone.
  • She continued to pursue greater power, stealing Dr. Curt Connors' Enervator and searching the moon's surface for further moonstone fragments.

Character Details

*Amoral* Karla doesn't care about 'right and wrong'. The woman has no principles. She wants what wants, and does her best to take it. Her actions almost always tend to be on the 'wrong' side of things, since she wants things the easiest way possible, which tends to involve using her powers to get what she wants. She has no problems with hurting or killing people, stealing, or any other such activities.

*Lust for Power and Control* Ever since her childhood, Karla has wanted power. And the ability to control her own life, and as she grew older, control over others as well. This is what led her to become a Psychiatrist, and to eventually seek to further herself by engaging in criminal activity. Karla's lust will likely never be sated, even after acquiring the Moonstone, it was only a brief time before she became intent upon finding another Moonstone to increase her power.

*Greed* Karla likes having things. Lots of nice things. Even if she has absolutely no use for something, if it catches her eye she wants it. Money is of course always nice to have. Karla doesn't like to share anything, either. Money, objects, power, control, if it's hers she will not share, unless forced to. And if it /isn't/ hers, she'll probably try to take it.

*Manipulative* Toying with people is one of Karla's favorite things to do. Sure, sometimes she actually has a reason for doing it, but other times she just does it because she enjoys it. She enjoys the feel of having power over another person, being able to get them to do what she wants.


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