Portrayed by Jennifer Connelly
Full Name Morgaine le Fey
Age 30 (5513)
Height 5'10"
Build Slender
Eyes Green
Hair Black
Factions None
Occupation Sorceress
Alignment Villain

Claim to Fame

Morgaine le Fey, ancient sorceress of Arthurian legend.


Well-known in Arthurian legend, though the details of her history are not quite the same as most normal people would know about. Her identity is still public knowledge, as far as "she is the same person from mythology" is concerned, and a great many magic-users — particularly the older or immortal ones — know her or know of her in a practical sense. She is not generally regarded well by good-aligned sorcerers, on account of she is evil.


Morgaine le Fey, also known as Morgana, is an ancient and diabolical sorceress. She is the daughter of the chief of the Homo Magi from ancient Britain, and was the middle of three sisters. She is adept at sorcery, and has used it to her benefit, attempting to manipulate and disrupt the political climate and relationships of her era. She had an affair with King Arthur, resulting in the birth of her son Mordred, who was raised to kill his father and destroy the kingdom. She originally sought the downfall of Camelot, but with its successful destruction she has spent centuries scheming and searching for new kingdoms to rule.

Character Details

Morgaine le Fey is a driven, power-hungry sorceress. She will do anything to accomplish her goals, up to and including destroying and remaking the universe. Nothing is beyond her, and she doesn't care all that much about morality. Attachment to other people is a non-issue, though she speaks in a formal, archaic manner that often seems to be polite. She CAN work with others… She just needs to have a good reason, and will use her allies of convenience as the tools she sees them as, and discard them if they have lost their usefulness. She is confident in herself and her power, and plans well and quickly, meaning than when she is on the offensive, most people don't really have the time to marshal an effective defense. Hesitation and self-doubt are absent from her psyche.

This is not arrogance, however, and she does not fly into a rage when thwarted. Overconfidence may come into play at times, but mostly her confidence is tied to a realistic assessment of her own abilities, and bolstered by the determination to achieve what a cold logic would say she could not.

Even a loss is not the end, and she doesn't bother to rationalize or justify it. Plans fail. There will be others, and she will pursue them with the same zeal and surety in her own abilities as the others. Further, all her years of life have taught her patience, and she is willing to wait out her enemies and let them die of old age while she continues to spin plans and plots. Waiting for the exact right moment to perform a ritual that can only be done every thousand years or so is fine with her. Though she doesn't hold back on unleashing her magic on anything and everything, doing so at the proper time can be critical.


Image Name Relation Information
medium.jpg Jason Blood/Etrigan Former lover/Eternal enemy Once a tool used to infiltrate and destroy Camelot, Jason Blood, and the demon within him, have become a consistent pain in Morgaine's side for about three centuries. She never truly cared about him, but she is far less fond of him now than she was back then.


Song Artist Subject Meaning URL
Mordred's Lullaby Heather Dale Mordred My son. My only son. Though I raised him to be a weapon who would destroy Arthur, and then rule and die as king in his place, he meant far more to me than simply another of my pawns. I love him still, even as all other compassion is erroded from my heart. But it is a cold love. The care I had for him frozen in perptuity within me, untouched. A treasure to be kept and held, perhaps regarded in difficult times, but not dwelled upon.

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