Miss Marvel
Ms. Marvel
Portrayed by Katheryn Winnick
Full Name Carol Susan Jane Danvers
Age Early 30's
Height 5' 11"
Build Athletic Curvy
Eyes Blue
Hair Blonde
Factions Not Yet!
Occupation USAF Colonel. Active Reserve.
Alignment Hero

Claim to Fame

As Carol Danvers, she's known as an ace fighter pilot and a former CIA agent and NASA security agent who wrote an expose on some unusual practices in both agencies. She's also gained something of a reputation as a dogged reporter.

As Ms. Marvel, she's known as a first rate hero, able to take on the nastiest threats and willing to throw herself into danger for the safety of others.


Carol Danvers and Ms. Marvel both are known for never backing down (not to mention a weakness for dares), and always being ready for fight for the right cause. Personal sacrifice is a matter of course.


Carol Danvers was born in Boston, the only girl out of three children. She was always bright, and always determined, so when her father suggested that instead of going to college she just find a nice man to marry, she decided she'd find a way to pay her own way through and enrolled at the Air Force Academy. It was a good fit, and in no time, Carol had proven herself as an ace fighter pilot. She spent four years at the Academy, then served another four in the service, attaining the rank of Colonel for extraordinary valor before being recruited by the CIA.

For two years, she trained and served, until a mission in Russia went horribly wrong. Carol was shot down, captured, and subjected to torture and interrogation before she was rescued. After that mission, she decided not to pursue a career in the CIA. Instead, she found a position running security for NASA at Cape Canaveral. While there, she grew close to Dr. Phillip Lawson, unaware of his secret identity as Captain Marvel.

When an enemy of Mar-Vell's captured Carol, the Kree warrior came to save her. The Psyche-Magnetron, a weapon capable of turning wishes into reality, exploded, and as Captain Marvel shielded her with his body, Carol wished she had the power to stand with him and protect herself and others as well. The strength of her wish reached out to the machine, and Mar-Vell's DNA was imprinted upon her own, granting her his powers and helping her to become Ms. Marvel.

Not long after she obtained her powers, Carol found herself in a battle with a mutant with the ability to absorb powers - including her own. They fought for so long and so hard that the mutant absorbed not only her powers, but many of her memories and emotions. She was lucky to survive the fight, but the aftermath left her shaken…and without much of an attachment to the woman she had been. She sought help from Professor Xavier of the X-Men, who was able to help her heal, though not to restore her full connection to her past emotions.

As her powers returned, she was experimenting with them, testing her limits by flying up beyond the atmosphere. Unfortunately for her, she was observed by members of another alien race, who captured the recovering hero and - curious about her hybrid DNA - performed experiments on her. Though she was rescued, the experiments had already made changes - for the better, apparently, pushing her powers to their limits. For a short time after her rescue, she roamed the stars as Binary. When a terrible battle injured her severely, she lost touch with the upper limit of those powers, and returned back to Earth.

Having been gone for two years, Carol needed to find something to do to pick up the pieces. She turned to writing, starting with an expose of some of the questionable actions of the CIA and NASA that earned her a good deal of media attention. In short order, she turned that initial success into a career as a journalist, rising to editor of the Gotham Gazette. In her free time, Ms. Marvel is back, fighting for Earth and protecting it from villains.

Recently, she's been transferred to the Daily Planet in Metropolis as the new news editor. Whether or not the general amount of yelling in the editor's office will go up or down has yet to be determined…

Character Details

At her core, Carol is determined. She doesn't believe in letting anyone stop her from doing what she believes she can do, and she doesn't believe in giving up. She became Ms. Marvel because her strongest wish was to be able to stand next to Captain Marvel and protect others. Those are the things she carries forward. She can be blunt, favoring efficiency and quick action over feelings, but that doesn't mean she doesn't have a heart. When she isn't in a crisis, Carol is a dedicated friend.


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