Multiple Man
Multiple Man
Portrayed by <E.g. "Taylor Cole">
Full Name James Arthur Maddrox
Age 27
Height 6'0"
Build Lean, Athletic
Eyes Green
Hair Brown
Factions X-Men
Occupation Mooch
Alignment Hero

Claim to Fame

Multiple Man is, mostly, a nuicance to both enemies and allies
alike. His power is useful, his skill set more so, and there's
no one you'd want on your team more for helping keep order in
a chaotic situation or cleaning up a big mess… if only he
wasn't so /annoying/.


Jamie is a jack of all trades, he can do just about anything
well enough, but doesn't seem able to do any one thing really
well. He's lazy, goofy, takes nothing seriously, and wastes
his time enjoying video games and TV more then improving
himself. His wasted potential is a source of constant
aggravation for most who know him.


Jamie's parents were world reknown physicists who's peers numbered among some
of the most famous of their generation. They were happy in New York, and when
they found they were pregnant with their first child, all seemed well. However
when their son was born and the doctor struck him to force the first cry to
clear the infant's lungs, he instantly found himself holding a pair of twins.
Things got worse from there.

Deciding New York was not a place to raise a special child like theirs Jamie's
parents moved to the middle of Kansas and bought a farm, there they set to
trying to give Jamie as normal a life as possible. Unable to control his
abilities and therefore keep them secret, his parents home schooled him and
kept him out of public schools. With the help of family friend Reed Richards,
a suit was developed to assist the boy in curtailing the frequency with which
he duplicated himself and that helped some. When he was eight years old the
most powerful tornado Kansas had seen in decades swept through the farm,
dismantling the house and killing Jamie's parents. Jamie, alone and uncertain
of what to do, did what he thought was right. He continued to live. Using the
barn as his new home he buried his parents, cleaned up the ruins of the house,
and kept on, trying to run the farm by doing the chores he remembered. He
managed well enough to live there, entirely alone, for the better part of two
years before the IRS showed up curious about the lack of taxes being paid. In
the middle of trying to figure out what to make of two dozen identical kids
running around in a panic at the sight of strangers on the farm, everyone
became still and a man's voice sounded in Jamie's head, a place where only his
voices had ever been before.

The man said he was Charles Xavier, he said Jamie was special, he said he
would help Jamie learn how to use his abilities, that he would give him a home
and friends. Jamie said he had all of this already. It was the first time
Xavier realized that Jamie was different. Jamie agreed, after lengthy
discussion with different Jamie's with various opinions on Xavier's offer, to
return to the school with the Professor. For years Jamie's been something of a
fixture in and around the Mansion, he's trained a little, gone to school a
little, but mostly been underfoot for as long as most can remember. Jamie is
the annoying little brother who's not to little anymore and refuses to
completely grow up. It's a shtick that's growing old and soon he may be forced
to become an adult.

Character Details

Jamie is more normal then most mutants. Not in the powers way
or anything, but in the developmental ways. Sure, he /could/
mope and be angsty about his lot in life, but why bother? He's
a millenial and in his 20's which means life is about video
games, pizza, TV, and flirting with girls way outside his
weight class. He thinks little of the future, doesn't agonize
over the past, and generally skates by. This is all
accomplished by forcibly not thinking about his past. The
denial is real.


Image Name Relation Information
medium.jpg Spoiler Flirty Acquaintances Met Batgirl's… batgirl? I dunno. Gotham. It's filled with crazy people, even the girls.
Magik001.jpg Illyana Friend Everyone says Yana's scary, and maybe that's so, but if you catch her off guard you can still group hug her. If you're me. Also she can keep a secret.
Bobby%204%20Small.jpg Bobby "Siblings" He scares me. I don't think he fully understands what he can do. Means well though I suppose.
Cleoptatra1.jpg Storm "Siblings" I like her. Way to serious, gets carried away sometimes, but not a bad sort. Kinda like an over bearing older sister would be I guess.
tumblr_m96j7aPXKt1qm8fi6.jpg Darcy Flirty Acquaintances Darcy is hawt. Darcy will not return my calls. I don't think our date went well.
medium.jpg Angelo Boss Not a bad boss, and he does good work, but like Storm I think he needs to see someone about the firm placement of the stick in his rectum. Also, seriously, no one needs to weight lift like that. It's bad for your something. Joints! Bad for your joints! That's it.
GambitEdge.jpg Gambit Friend This dude gets it, I mean he just flat /gets/ it. Funny, good to be with, shit wingman though, takes all the ladies. Plus you gotta love a guy in a long coat amirite?!


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