Portrayed by Jennifer Lawrence
Full Name Raven Darkholme
Age 30's (???)
Height 5'10"
Build Athletic
Eyes Solid Yellow
Hair Red
Factions The Brotherhood
Occupation Spy, Assassin, Global Terrorist, Mutant Extremist, Black Marketer
Alignment Villain

Claim to Fame

Mystique is one of the oldest mutants still walking around. She is 'The mother of mutantkind' having several offspring. She is a Mutant Supremacist and pushes relentlessly for mutants to take their rightful place as the rulers of Earth, the next step in the evolutionary chain. She is known to be capable of doing whatever she deems necessary to see that it happens.


Known, yet unknown, Mystique has been the mind behind countless operations spanning more than a century. Most cannot be traced back to her, though with overconfidence comes arrogance. Enough is known to have the blue mutant tagged as an enemy to virtually every country and international organization both military and law enforcement. Spotty information on her does exist, though such databases are always kept in secret by such organizations that are fortunate enough to have such records and, thus, tend to be quite scattered..


Mystique's story before the turn of the 20th century is particularly shrouded with Mystery. One thing is certain is she is older than that and she was definitely established and experienced before the start of World War I. Solid records of her days before that war are practically nonexistent, in part due to the fact that before the formation of the great nation states the spying operations and record keeping was spotty at best.

She really stepped into view of certain powerful interests with the start of the Great War in Europe. For reasons unknown to all but her, Mystique fell in with a group of young hot-heads and joined the British Army in late 1914. Mystique didn't remain with any particular unit or even army for very long, changing appearance and identity as opportunity required.

When WW1 ended, Mystique settled in Austria for a time. Assuming the shape of a young aristocrat, she seduced and married a Baron and lived rather comfortably. At least until Germany annexed Austria and WWII began in earnest. After years in the trenches in WW1, Mystique used her abilities to act as a spy. She started off working for the Axis powers, but eventually ended working for the Allies in France. One thing that this war seemed to change was the rise of the Meta-Human. She was enthralled by the sparks of what would eventually be a brushfire of change that were laid down during this period.

After the war she worked her way into conquered Germany, Mystique took the name of Raven Darkholme and began to play a game with the traditional nationalistic spy organizations, and others that proliferated after WWII. She was obsessed with meta-humans and evolution as it became obvious that she was not alone and something monumental was happening.

She bounced between agencies and identities working her way into or around many of the organizations that spawned from the second Great War such as Hydra and around the Strategic Science Reserve (that would one day become S.H.I.E.L.D.). SSR was too small and tight knit without outright replacing an agent to work her way into it proved, though she learned a good deal about them. She wanted to know more about the forces they set out to investigate and exploit.

She really came into her own when the Mutant gene was isolated and mutants started to become more common. It was during this period that she fell in with Magneto and other mutants, such as the Mutant Brotherhood. She went all in, letting some of her other identities fall into disuse as she focused fully on the mutant crusades. The only identity she didn't let totally falter was a stint she did in what was formerly Austria. After a particularily hot mission with a lot of consequences she went to ground assuming the shape of a young aristocrat, she seduced and married a Baron and lived rather comfortably for a time. Eventually she went back to the crusade after the particular firestorm that caused her to go to ground had passed. In the end though Magneto's faith faltered and without his shining leadership the Brotherhood never seemed to get back to the height of its glory.

This hasn't prevented Mystique from continuing to fight for her people's kind. Metahumans and Mutants will inherit this earth from Humanity. She just has to find the means to make it a reality and prevent the monkeys from getting the upper hand. To that end she fell back on what she knows best, espionage and infiltration. Building up a variety of identities inside the worlds secret organizations so she can be in the right place at the right time to seize any advantages that will help her people's survival. She also stays in touch with the Brotherhood, both current and former, to try to nudge and direct them in useful directions.

Character Details

Inscrutable: Some of the only consistent traits with Raven is that she is a Mutant (meta-human) Supremacist that she loves her own kind and hates all of humanity. On these points she is not afraid to hide her feelings, unless she happens to be manipulating a situation. Beyond that because of her metamorphic powers and her ability to be anyone at any moment's time, trying to get a proper read on her simply cannot be done.


Image Name Relation Notes
Kurt%20and%20bamfs.jpg Nightcrawler Son My kingdom for a mutant son that isn't afraid to get his hands dirty for our cause…
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1017516-rogue_sa.jpg Anna-Marie Adopted Family There's something special about this one. Such opportunities are never to be ignored.
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Bamfs01.jpg The Bamfs Extended Family My relation to a what..? ..I don't even want to know.


Mystique still has ties with the Brotherhood, collecting small cells of mutants to assist with her tasks when she needs to call upon them. With the Brotherhood at large being left without central leadership, she's been hand-picking existing members from the shadows for some time to form something which she sees as being the Brotherhood 'Elite.'

She has also been building out covers into the various agencies, organizations, and secret conspiracies. All to further her opportunities to push her pro-meta agenda before the upcoming species wars.

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Log Entries

Planning a Rescue
March 15, 2015: Magneto asks for Mystique's help planning a rescue and for some reason he is working with Jean Grey
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No 'Friends' of Mine
March 05 2015: A Purifier mob rolls into M-Town to bust and burn the place. A group of X-Men, Mutants and Concerned Citizens stop them.
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Out Running
March 1st, 2015: Mystique scopes out a new government asset.
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Enemy of My Enemy
February 26 2015: Does Jericho care if Mystique does villainy things to Hydra? Nope.
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A Time Rupture
January 27, 2015: HYDRA's at it again and this time Hellboy, Faye, Fenris, Partisan and Zee turn up.
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New Toy
January 9, 2015: Lily is visited by a Mutant Boogieman (Language)
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Family Time
January 10, 2015: Rogue and Mystique catch up over coffee and pastries.
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Family Fissure
January 04, 2015: Treasure-hunting in Gotham gets a lot more awkward. (Language)
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Bring me Stark!
January 04, 2015: A visit to Widget's gym.
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Corporate Targets
January 03, 2015: Mystique reaches out to Nate Grey about the troubles coming for mutants.
(log: 20150103-corporatetargets | tags: mystique x-man | posted: 04 Jan 2015 07:45)

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