Portrayed by Ksenia Solo
Full Name Nancy Margaret O'Neal
Age 21
Height 5'6"
Build Athletic
Eyes Pale Grey
Hair Dirty blonde
Factions Outsiders
Occupation Student at Juilliard and head of the Nest
Alignment Neutral, but leaning towards Heroic

Claim to Fame

Nancy attends Juilliard, working towards a Bachelor of Music in Strings, specifically the cello. She is also known for having a smart-ass comment for just about anything said or done around her.


Nancy is not considered a very nice person, more of a loose cannon. With her acerbic personality, most people just try to avoid her. The only time she's pleasant to be around is when she's playing her cello.


Nancy's mother, Annabeth, was in college for nursing when she was approached by a Hydra agent, representing himself as being from a pharmaceutical company. They offered her a slot in a study they were doing, offering her very good money. All she needed to do was receive injections once a week for the next two years and answer questions about her health and well-being. Annabeth didn't see the harm in it and it was rather good money for one of those human guinea pig gigs.
The truth of the matter was that Hydra was working yet again on trying to get the Super Soldier formula to work. Without access to the machine that helped the drug to work on a grown body, they were experimenting with the theory that a pregnant woman, given smaller doses over a longer period of time, would be able to act as the machine did, producing a child with super abilities. This experiment had been going on for quite some time already, with very little success. Each new run of the drug was given a letter designation and they were already on the N series with no success so far. When Annabeth's levels of the drug were high enough, Hydra created a scenario to get her pregnant. Annabeth had gone to a party and woke up the next morning having been roofied.
When Annabeth found out she was pregnant it was from the weekly screening. They told her that this was actually a wonderful opportunity for them to study an aspect of the drug that would have been difficult for them to test otherwise and offered her double what she was getting now if she was willing to keep the baby. Annabeth hadn't wanted to be a mother so young in her life, especially without a father around, but the sum of money was good enough that she let good sense be swayed. Nine months later, Nancy was born, so named after the drug designation Annabeth had been on, N-13. It was now Nancy's turn for the weekly prodding and poking. Hydra told Annabeth that there was a possibility that an unforeseen side effect of the drug was that it might have caused Nancy to have developed super powers. They told her that for allowing them to continue testing on Nancy, they would continue the monthly stipend that Annabeth had grown accustomed to.
For Nancy's early years, things were pretty idyllic. Annabeth had a job she loved and even though it didn't pay much, the extra money from the testing on Nancy more then made up the difference. True, Annabeth was starting to show signs of depression, but that wasn't a big deal. Right? Nancy didn't really like the testing, but was used to it. It was boring mostly. It was the same every week, give her a full physical and then ask her questions about how she was feeling and if anything different or interesting happened in the last week. As the years went by, it seemed the researchers were less happy with her answers. It didn't help that as the years passed and Nancy continued to not manifest any powers, the research company started to trim the amount of money they were giving her mother. Annabeth's depression had gotten pretty bad by this point and she blamed Nancy for the loss of funding. Annabeth turned to alcohol for comfort, mixing them with her medications. Nancy was too young to understand why her mother was always angry at her, she blamed herself.
The researchers seemed to gain new interest in Nancy when she started puberty. According to the blood test, she was indeed a super. X-Factor they called it. So, more and new tests started, trying to find out just what her super power was. Nancy was excited. Her mother too. The stipend went back to its full size and things were good again. Nancy's grades went back up and she started coming out of her shell. It was during this time that Nancy discovered her love of music. She started Band in junior high, given the cello as her instrument. She would play her cello as she daydreamed what her super power might be. Would she fly? Read minds? Was she super strong?
Two years went by and she still hadn't manifested more then just showing up as a super in a blood test. When she started high school, the researchers informed Nancy's mother that the funding for the project was gone. Nancy had shown no signs of manifesting more then the power to show up positive on a blood test for X-Gene. This devastated Nancy. It was the worst super power ever! It didn't help that with the checks not coming in every month now, Annabeth's job didn't make nearly enough to keep them living in the lifestyle that they had become used to.
In truth, Hydra had cancelled the experiment as a lost cause. Series N, which had had the best results yet had only produced children with powers that were unremarkable at best. The most powerful among the N series was a girl that could turn anything she touched the color blue. There was the possibility that the N-series children might become parents of supers that were more useful, but until that time, why waste the resources?
Unbeknownst to everyone, N-series was more potent then they thought. All of the children had manifested, but their powers were subtle, easily dismissed as coincidence. Nancy was a null, having the power to repress the meta-gene in anyone around her. Since there were never any people that fit that description around when she was tested, it was completely missed.
Nancy and her mother had to move to a different part of town. Annabeth's alcoholism grew worse, and she lost her job. Annabeth blamed Nancy for this, constantly berating her for being a useless burden. At one point, Nancy tried to commit suicide, using her mother's booze and pills. A night of getting her stomach pumped had her promising herself that she would *never* try that again. Nancy's self loathing started to show in her wardrobe and make-up. Dark colors, garments to make her look tough, and an attitude to match. She shrouded herself with an air of cynicism. Only her cello got to see the real her. The music and her, the only thing she could trust. And so, her skill with the cello grew as she used it as her only means of escape.
It was by her band teacher's suggestion that she applied to Julliard. She
didn't actually expect to get in. She was just some crumby goth girl with a lowsy super power she couldn't even tell anyone about. No one was more surprised then her when she got accepted. Annabeth sneered at the acceptance, suggesting that Nancy must have bribed her way in or that the teachers were stoned. Nancy's luck didn't stop at just being accepted into Julliard though. She had earned a scholarship, and though it wasn't enough to pay for all of her schooling, it took the sting off, especially since Annabeth had spent Nancy's college fund years ago when times had first started to get tight. Nancy got a job at Bodymods and made friends with one of her co-workers, who hoped to someday become a painter. It was him that painted the back of Nancy's favourite leather jacket.
And so, two years later, Nancy is still in Julliard and living with her mother, working at the Bodymods store with her friend, Paul. She doesn't express her worry that maybe her mother is right, that she isn't good enough, that she'll never be good enough, worried that if she says it out loud, others will agree with Annabeth.

Character Details

On the surface, Nancy is mean-spirited, acerbic, and sarcastic. She is bitter and takes it out on the world around her.

Under the surface, however, her bravado and snarkiness are based in the fact that she has a low self esteem. She has been told all her life that she just isn't good enough and has bought into this. This attributes to her competitive spirit. Even though she is a student at Julliard, she believes that this was just a luck and that they will eventually also tell her that she isn't good enough and kick her out.

She had a deep seated hatred of Supers based out of envy, but now that she has been revealed as a mutant herself, she's starting to realize that supers are people just like everyone else.


Image Name Relation Information
Anabeth.jpg Annabeth O'Neal Mother Annabeth is a paranoid schizophrenic with alcohol abuse issues, which are mostly side effects from the N-Series project. Nancy loves her mother and does her best to help her, understanding that her mother is sick, but it takes its toll sometimes and the relationship is strained at best.
Bobby%204%20Small.jpg Bobby Boyfriend Coolest boyfriend ever! (pun totally intended) Makes good breakfast, plays a mean guitar and has totally mellowed her snarky side.
1395544072599_zps31a1268a.jpg Partisan Mentor Mama Wolf. Partisan/Ingrid/Bianca took Nancy under her wing and showed her that one doesn't need super powers to be a hero. Partisan taught her a lot in the 6 weeks that they were close and Nancy continues to practice all that she was taught, even though they don't see eye to eye on the issue of killing.
Small%20Trent%202.jpg Jericho Confidant Brother Wolf. Jericho, or Jeri-curl as she sometimes calls him, was just an interesting guy on the street, till he broke into her house to warn her that Hydra was coming for her. He is a close associate with Partisan too, so that makes him a little more trusted then most. She texts with him every night and he is keeping an eye on her mother while she is away.
Magik001.jpg Illyana Best Friend In spite of a rocky start, Nancy has come to like Illyana, seeing a lot of how she projects herself to the world in the Demon Queen. Perhaps she has the deluded belief that, like herself, the tough girl act is just an act. Silly Nan.
magma.jpg Amara Friend She is nice, warm (no pun intended) woman who has helped her to see the advantages of her powers. For that, she is grateful.
Beast2.jpg Hank McCoy Friend Nancy had a fairly serious crush on Hank, but his continued rebuffs has brought his status to 'Cute Guy with Issues'. Two completely different people and yet maybe that is why she likes him so much.
Cypher.png Doug Friend The introduction to the meta world, Nancy has decided for better or worse that Doug is a friend. That and the fact that she loves playing with his power by negating it when he's in the shower.
nopic-m.png Paul Orman Former Best Friend Paul was actually her monitor for Hydra for the last three years. While his being friends with her was just a 'job', he does genuinely like Nancy and hates what he has been doing. Even so, if Nancy ever sees him again, she's probably going to hospitalize the poor bugger.
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