Portrayed by Kurt Wagner
Full Name Kurt Wagner
Age 28
Height 5'8"
Build Muscular but wiry
Eyes Yellow
Hair Dark Blue
Factions X-Men(?)
Occupation Teleporter Extraordinaire
Alignment Hero

Claim to Fame

Blue fuzzy dude that tries to right wrongs and give comfort to those who suffer.


To those that truly know him, his appearance has nothing to do with who and what he is. To those who sort of know him, perhaps his kind actions help reduce the severity of that appearance. To those who don't? A whisper in the dark about a dark demon that does good isn't always believed. But, to those whom he fights, he is a formidable opponent indeed. Difficult to capture.


Born to Raven Darkholme-Wagner and the mutant demon Azazel. When she shifted back to her 'true' form during birth, she was chased.. and tossed Kurt off a cliff. Now, exactly how he survived that is a matter of conjecture. Some say that he'd fallen into the river and floated downstream until Margali Szardos found him, and others say that Azazel himself caught the boy and brought him to his then lover, yes, Margali Szardos.

Regardless of which one believes, he did grow up happy in the circus, leading the life of an carnie. He worked the high-wire acts and the trapeze, letting all who attended believe that he was in costume. The ruse worked, to a point. However, they never stayed put long enough for it to be an issue.

While he was never technically adopted, and the circus 'raised' him, he considered Margali to be his 'mother', and Stefan and Jimaine his brother and sister, respectively. After years, the circus in Bavaria was sold to a Texan, pushing Kurt into a side-show freak event once they reached America… and he was kept quiet by drugging. Freed by a little boy, Kurt stood up to the owner, demanded better treatment for the others (and gaining it) before leaving for home in Germany.

His life as he knew it came to a screeching halt with the death of Stefan at his hands. Once, as young children, Stefan had made Kurt promise if anything ever happened, that Kurt would be the one to stop him. Upon arriving home, he discovered there was a rash of child deaths. All murdered. He'd found Stefan had gone mad, and was killing the children of their village, and it came as a confession from his foster brother. Kurt confronted him, pleaded with him to stop, but sadly their discussion spiraled rapidly out of control. It was then that Kurt killed his brother. Broke his neck. He tried to explain, he did… but Margali wasn't having any of it, and Jimaine had left home by then. As for the village? The appearance of a blue demon was more than enough proof that he was the cause of the death of those innocents and began to chase him. Cornered, Kurt didn't wish to hurt any of them, and it was at the last moment that Professor X came to Kurt to offer a place to go, a place of safety.


Some time has passed, and through the years, Kurt has made friends, had … experiences that would try men's souls, but through it all, he's managed to keep his humour and his faith intact.

Character Details

Always optimistic. Always positive. Even in the face of adversity. Something of a trickster too, he enjoys seeing the lighter side of things. It helps him to face the horrors of what has been done in the past. Well, that.. and he is a DEVOUT Catholic.


Image Name Relation Notes
TJProfile.jpg Talia Wagner Daughter from another reality How could I not love her like my own? I'd hope that if I ever had a daughter and she was 'unstuck', that another me would be there for her.
Bamfs03.jpg Bamf Brothers, after a fashion A source of amusement and great consternation.
None yet Professor Xavier Headmaster of Xavier's Institute I owe that man my life.
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Kurt does pepper his speech with German.
He tries to be the consummate gentleman- a hero to damsels in distress
He really, really likes the old movies; Errol Flynn in particular

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