Portrayed by Gina Torres
Full Name Nighteyes
Age Appears to be around age 30
Height 5ft 9in
Build Athletic,Muscular
Eyes Red,Glowing
Hair Brown
Factions None
Occupation Free Agent, Mercenary
Alignment Neutral-Good

Claim to Fame

Once a member of of Raizo Kodo's Forgiven, a faction of Vampires who survive by drinking the blood of animals instead of humans and mutants.


Nighteyes is known as a vampire who refuses to prey on mankind.


Almost nothing is known about her life before becoming a vampire and she herself remembers nothing of that time. Nighteyes was a student off Raizo Kodo and one of The Forgiven. She was content for many years in this position, capturing new vampires and teaching them they could survive without human blood. Nighteyes recently caused the permanent death of a high ranking vampire during a personal quest to avenge the death of her closest friend. As punishment for her actions, Nighteyes has been banished from The Forgiven and her homeland and is in hiding from other vampires. Completely alone for perhaps the first time in her life, Nighteyes has begun to question her faith in herself, and doubt the value of the continued existence of her people. She's been taking more risks and being far more careless than usual as she searches the streets of New York City where she's settled for the moment. Whether Nighteyes is looking for something or just hoping to find her final death remains to be seen.

Character Details

She posesses a kindess and morality rarely seen in her kind and strong protective urges towards mankind. Nighteyes has a good sense of humor though
it may be darker than most are used to and seems to have either retained ordeveloped more humanity than vampires are usually capable of.


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Character Gallery


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