Green Goblin
Green Goblin
Portrayed by <TBA>
Full Name Norman Osborn
Age 38
Height 5'11"
Build Average-height and athletic
Eyes Blue
Hair Auburn
Factions OsCorp
Occupation Owner of OsCorp and Osborn Industries
Alignment Villain

Claim to Fame

Owner of a massively successful multi-national corporation and the original Green Goblin


Norman Osborn is lauded as one of the last true captains of industry and an extremely well-respected and successful businessman. The Green Goblin is a menace to New York and a constant thorn in Spider-Man's side as well as an arsonist, a murderer, and a terrorist.



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29th November, 2014: A charity dinner for the Daedalus Foundation.
(log: 20141129-offers | tags: green_goblin ozymandias spider-man | posted: 30 Nov 2014 03:07)

Old Days
November 28, 2014: OsCorp and Blackhawk Inc. meet for a business proposition, Zinda finds a familiar face.
(log: 20141128-old-days | tags: ghost_of_the_20th_century green_goblin lady_blackhawk | posted: 27 Nov 2014 13:20)

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