Portrayed by Adam Gregory
Full Name Amon Tomaz
Age 18
Height 5'9"
Build Lithe
Eyes Dark Brown
Hair Black
Factions None
Occupation Trying To Be A Hero
Alignment Neural/Hero

Claim to Fame

One Of The New Champions Of Shazam


The 'smaller' champion of the Egyptian Gods, Amon is a new and mostly unknown hero. Those from Kahndaq may recognize his oddly similar outfit that resembles their ruler.


No one gets to choose their past.

If Amon had his way with his back story, he'd tell you he was selected as a champion of Shazam and the Gods of Egypt for his great bravery. That he was paragon of virtue and was always destined to become a warrior of the gods…But his story isn't that simple.

Instead, Amon Tomaz was born in the streets of Egypt. He was little to nothing from the day he was born, and most thought he would never become anything more. And honestly, they weren't exactly wrong. The only person who cared about him was his older sister, Adrianna. Even she was taken away from him at a very young age, and Amon was kidnapped and sent to slavery.

The Intergang camp Amon was forced to endure did not intend to force him into labor really. They actually wanted to brainwash him into joining their ranks. Although Amon didn't succumb to the will of the Intergang. Alas, they weren't fond of his resistance. Eventually, they made sure he would never walk again. And the savage beatings begun. When the situation looked dire, a goddess emerged…

Amon recognized the physical beauty of the goddess as his sister, Adrianna. Somehow, she became the reborn goddess, Isis. After the Intergang were single handedly defeated by Isis, she attempted to heal Amon's wounds. While his life was secured, he would never walk again.

Perhaps the gods felt merciful. Some would say Amon was lucky. Some would say it was destiny. Or there was a more…. mystical intervention.

Whatever the case, Amon Tomaz became Osiris and a new champion of the Egyptian Gods.

Character Details

Above all, Amon wishes to be a good person and help those in need. Considering all he's been through, it's a surprise that he still manages this.

The people who put him in slavery were murdered, not by him, but still…he doesn't much care for those he considers 'bad guys'. While innocents are aided, criminals will get little to no mercy. Simply put, the lives of many outweigh the life of one. This is not the case when someone important to Amon is in danger. In such a scenario, all lives, even innocent, become completely unimportant.

Yet Amon is calm, amiable and willing to listen to a peer's problems…but won't understand the problem and likely show little remorse. Not because he doesn't care, but because he's kinda socially awkward. Distant and perhaps even arrogant, Amon is left vengeful after years of torment and doesn't know how to make friends. But when family is harmed, a beserker Osiris will emerge.


Image Name Relation Notes
Isis_002.jpg Adrianna Tomaz Sister Most important person in his life. She was and is the only family he has have left. There is absolutely nothing he wouldn't do for her. Nothing.
Blackadam52.PNG Teth-Adam Original Champion Of Shazam Amon wears the same costume as him…and still he has yet to ever meet him.


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