Portrayed by To be determined~
Full Name Klara Kant
Age 22
Height 5'7"
Build Athletically Slim
Eyes E.g. Blue
Hair Blonde
Factions Third Reich
Occupation Military History Student
Alignment Heroine

Claim to Fame

Extradimensional Nazi and faux-Kryptonian.


Cute, heroic, incredibly optimistic. But… Nazi. Yeah.


Overgirl, given the name Klara Kant in acknowledgment of her genetic predecessor Overman, was created in order for scientists of the Reich to better understand and control their own genetic destinies. She was created and raised in a lab, taught all the fundamentals with her mind accepting and eagerly taking in information at an accelerated rate. When she was old and well trained enough, she was given her real introduction to Overman and presented to him as a partner in defense of the Reich as well as another 'Kryptonian' who he could share his experiences with.

The two got along very well. Klara was always eager to listen to her role model, teacher, and 'big brother' figure - cousins is his way of putting it - while they worked tirelessly to provide safety, peace and harmony to citizens of the Fatherland and the occupied territories. Together, they fought side by side against the rebellious figures like Uncle Sam or the Human Bomb, putting down their attempts to destabilize and ruin life for the peace-loving people of the Fatherland.

But unfortunately, one of the lost relics of the New World was brought into play during the latest confrontation. Klara was hit with an unidentified source of energy, tearing her out from her native dimension and casting her far afield into this one. It's not too unusual; things like that still happen, even if the superheroic field isn't as large on Earth-10. But adjusting to it all has been quite a shock; her attempts to make contact with the German government did not go well, at all. Luckily, this didn't go unnoticed to those attached to the American embassy - specifically one of the senior CIA agents for Europe at the time.

Brought in under the same old paperwork and legislature that brought in Werner von Braun and Klaus Barbie, Overgirl was given her papers as a 'provisional' US Citizen. She's been given a good understanding of how the world is different, even if she rejects or at least works to interpet those differences.

Character Details

Overgirl's full of enthusiasm and joie de vivre, eager to explore and learn more about life and herself. Without Overman's guidance and support she's felt the temptation to get a little clammed up, close in on herself; but so far she's resisted that in order to take some steps on her own, away from the guidance of Overman as well as the Reich that's raised her.


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