Portrayed by Meisa Kuroki
Full Name Kimiko Tatsu
Age 27
Height 5'-5"
Build Slender
Eyes Brown
Hair Dark Brown
Factions Clan Tatsu
Occupation Yakuza Enforcer
Alignment Neutral

Claim to Fame

The End


Granddaughter of the yakuza crime boss Tatsu'o, head of security at the luxury hotel Niwa in Metropolis


It all started with another little girl. A little girl who escaped the life that Fate had thought to lay out for her. The heir of yakuza Clan Tatsu fell in love with a woman his father did not approve of. When she ended up pregnant the pair ran away to elope and had a beautiful baby girl. But Lord Tatsu'o couldn't simply let his son dishonor their family that way. He sent his men to kill the son and bring back his new granddaughter. They succeeded in the first, but the woman was able to smuggle the child away before she too was killed.

Elsewhere in Tokyo, another girl-child was born. This one too, was the last of a bloodline, but this one forgotten by time. Emma-O, a lord of Hell had children, all sons. And those sons had children, all sons. Year after year, century after century, Emma-O would look in his magic mirror and judge their souls until finally, he had only one son left. And that son had a child. A daughter. Because she was the descendant of Emma-O, his fate belonged to her. But Emma-O could only judge men. Due to a divine loophole, the child stood outside the celestial bureaucracy.

Tatsu'o, unwilling to let his Clan and worse, his rivals realize that he'd lost all of his blood-heirs, he sought out a woman who had inherited her husband's debts to him with a girl-child of her own. The last child of Emma-O. Still just an infant, Tatsu'o claimed it as his granddaughter to buy him time to find the real one. He planned to simply switch them out, with no one the wiser. But as time went on, no matter that he sent his best men to track her down, Tatsu'o never found his true granddaughter.

Kimiko grew up as a pampered child, doted on by her nannies but oddly her grandfather was always cold to her. Some days simply seeing her would send him into a black mood, and everyone in the household would pay for his poor temper. Being mostly ignored by her grandfather so long as she could play the part of cultured, dutiful granddaughter on the few occasions she was required to be in his company, it allowed her a degree of freedom that many young Japanese women did not enjoy.

It wasn't until she was a teenager when, in a fit of rage as his men reported yet another dead end on finding his true granddaughter that the truth came out. That she was not his blood, but merely a stand-in and that she must never tell anyone. She was just something that had been thrown away and convenient. He drove home his lesson with pain, that she would never forget. That was the first time someone hurt her, but she wasn't blind to the violence of growing up in a yakuza household and took advantage of what freedom she had to learn how to fight back in the future. It was here, learning to fight from the best Clan Tatsu had or could buy, that she woke to her birthright as the last mortal descendant of Emma-O.

Knowing that her place as the pampered yakuza princess was precarious at best, Kimiko took steps to learn the 'family' business. Over time, Tatsu'o grudgingly admitted her worth to the Clan beyond the role she played for him. He gave her more responsibility and power than might normally have been given a woman, seeing her more as a tool and less as a female. When Clan Tatsu opened a new venture in Metropolis, a casino hidden in the sublevels of a very legal hotel, Kimiko was sent to help with the endeavor.

Character Details

People use the term 'Ice Princess' for women like Kimiko. Cool. Calm. Cultured. Little seems to ruffle her and she's about as inviting as an icicle. Her manner is refined and elegant, and one look at her clothes, or the way she carries herself and you know she's never been to public schools or worked fast food a day in her life. She also has a spine of steel, having carved out a place for hreself as a woman in a very male-dominated society, that of the Japanese yakuza.


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