The Partisan
Portrayed by Varies
Full Name Bisera Hoxha
Age 122
Height Varies
Build Varies
Eyes Varies
Hair Varies
Factions None
Occupation Freedom fighter/terrorist
Alignment Complicated Villain

Claim to Fame

A freedom fighter who's spent more than a hundred years fighting the good fight. Fascists, Communists, Royalists, dictators, corrupt officials, criminals have all been targets for The Partisan at one time or another. Still, that much struggle does take it's toll on a person.


Amongst spies and other spook types, The Partisan is most widely believed to be an organization rather than a single person. That said Western intelligence services thus far regard The Partisan as a particularly vicious, yet effective and trustworthy field asset. Hero types are perhaps even less sure if the Partisan is a single person, as nobody can seem to agree on what they look like. That said, individuals claiming the title and showing the appropriate symbol have appeared across Europe and most recently South America. The Partisan is widely rumored to have participated in "Los Pepes" during the hunt for Pablo Escobar, and has been gone since his death. Most heroes in Colombia who worked with the Partisan likely believe they died.


In the late 1800s, Widdin (modern day Vidin,Bulgaria) was considered the most important city along the Danube river. It was a fortress city, home to the bulk of the Ottoman Empire's peacetime military forces. Mattei Hoxha was originally Captain Mattei Hoxha, but in the winter of 1890 he had chance to his future wife. The two married, and Mattei retired to her ancestral family farm just outside the city. For two years all seemed well, until the birth of their only child. Bisera Hoxha was born, as her mother died and so took her mother's name as was tradition. Little Bisera would live a relatively charmed life for a farmer's daughter, though her father's drinking only increased as the years went on. By the time Bisera was twelve, she was already working two jobs. In addition to her farm work she worked at a nearby bakery, though this sort of worked out for the best. Not only could she bring home more money, but right across the road she could collect her drunken father from the tavern every morning. To be fair this was 1902, and alcoholism was sort of standard practice for working class men.

Unfortunately, Mattei tended to go on rants when drunk (which was most nights). Normally this wouldn't be such a problem, but for the intensely political nature of these rants. Eventually someone ratted Mattei out to the local garrison, and they picked up both Mattei and Bisera on suspicion of treason. The brass was uncomfortable with the idea of jailing a twelve year old girl for an executable offense, and whilst they made this discomfort known they failed to put a stop to it. Mattei was of course brutally beaten, tortured and starved but refused to admit to treason. Thinking they could motivate the child to incriminate her father, they eventually brought Bisera along and made her watch her father's torture sessions. When torturing Mattei failed to produce anything, they turned to torturing the twelve year old Bisera in front of her father. This too, failed to produce the desired effect.

The Ottoman Empire was pretty harsh, but torturing a twelve year old girl was plainly unacceptable to the public at large and the brass. It was decided that for the sake of appearances, the entire ordeal needed to be ended as swiftly as possible. Mattei and Bisera needed to vanish, forever. Both father and daughter were executed (according to official documents) by firing squad, and their bodies dumped in the forests well beyond Widdin. The executioner's bullet struck Bisera in the chest, but it failed to hit her heart. She lived, though Mattei did not. She clung to life throughout the night, barely surviving the mixture of blood loss and exposure to the elements. At first's light, something found little Bisera but it was not a man.

Half dead as she was, Bisera straddled two worlds yet death was inevitable. Something from beyond the grave reached across, and offered the girl a deal. The means to avenge herself, and her father for the price of more than half her mortal soul. Of course, the girl accepted the deal. The means, was a secret lost to the mortal world. Once she knew the words, the transformation began immediately. Unfortunately for Bisera, it was something of an unfair trade it turns out.

A man who wills himself into becoming a werewolf is known as a Bodark, Spiritually speaking the guy is literally stitching a wolf's soul onto his own. Bisera was a child however, and well there wasn't much left to stitch the wolf onto. The process went very poorly, the boundary between the two souls was breached and the two beings were mixed into one. There isn't actually enough soul to go around, and well both original forms simply can't be retained. As the wolf was the rather more intact of the two, it's own shape became the only constant.

The day after Bisera and Mattei Hoxha were executed and dumped in the woods, one of their local jailers was found just outside Widdin with his throat ripped out. The next night, two more jailers were found dead inside the city. The sheriff immediately instituted a curfew, and tried his best to lock the city down. Word began to spread of wolf attacks, and rumors of werewolves weren't far behind. The next day another Jailer, and a guard were found mauled to death. The city was wild with panic, and so the Sheriff vowed to tackle the situation himself. That night guards watched him lead the two remaining Jailers outside the city walls, in effort to lead the wolf away he told them. The next morning, the Sheriff and his wife were found dead in their home. The Sheriff had been mauled to death, and his liver and heart devoured. Traditional "anchors" for the soul, and in doing so the wolf stole his shape.

Bisera vanished into the forests outside Widdin, and it seemed like the nightmare was over for a time. Then came the first world war, and Bisera saw the opportunity to help topple the entire empire that had so wronged her. So she went to work first just murdering soldiers away from their posts, and then she began to sabotage, to collect intelligence and pass it along to the allies. This work went well, and got her on speaking terms with British intelligence. Then came the Fascists,communists and anarchists. She continued her work throughout the second world war, where she first adopted the "Partisan" moniker like so many others during the second world war. Unlike every other Partisan however, Bisera never laid down her rifle. There was always some new evil to fight, some people being oppressed. In time this fight brought her to Colombia.

Bisera settled in in Bogota in 1991, and for the first time since 1902 laid down her arms. She fell in love, got married and it seemed like happily ever after. Then the CIA asked if she would help them with this tiny little problem, called Pablo Escobar. They offered enough money for her and her husband to retire in luxury, and so she accepted. Unfortunately what she ended up helping with, was Los Pepes. After the death of Pablo Escobar, the CIA decided it wise to sever any links between themselves and Los Pepes. The Partisan was at this time, believed to be some sort of underground network of freedom fighters however and not a lone person. So the Partisan was captured, and interrogated to learn the identity of her comrades. When she refused to talk, they began to torture her husband in front of her. When that failed, they executed him and threw the Partisan in a series of black sites until her eventual escape.

Character Details

Everyone who's met the Partisan has very different things to say, but there are a few constants. The Partisan never lies, well beyond her identity anyway. She never gives up, and she doesn't seem to be afraid of much of anything. She's been a solitary terrorist for one cause or another for more than a hundred years, and unfortunately that does tend to create some trust issues. Very few even know what her ability is, and nobody knows what started all of this for her. War keeps her busy, and when she's busy she doesn't have to feel alone or think about the past.


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