Portrayed by Lena Headey
Full Name Colonel Miranda Grace Venner
Age 42
Height 5'6"
Build Wiry and athletic
Eyes Dark Grey
Hair Dark Brown
Factions HDC
Occupation USAF Officer
Alignment Hero

Claim to Fame

In military circles, Venner is know as a decorated, well respected officer. Outside of military circles, she's virtually unknown.


Decorated soldier and officer with a reputation for getting the job done. Just don't ask how. That's classified.


Miranda Venner has a long and storied military history. Both her father and her grandfather were USAF (or its equivalent) officers and pilots. So, it was little surprise she followed in their footsteps. Similarly, both of them ended up associated with what would eventually become known as the Homeworld Defense Command. Of course, they knew it when it was called the "Human Defense Corps" (a name it still carries in some circles), but that's just semantics. The point is, the name Venner is a highly respected one within the HDC.

Even among the 'best and brightest', Miranda's initiative was notable. Some figured she was going in competition with her forefathers, but really it was just that she got bored standing still for too long. Learning, doing, and taking action were far more palatable to her than maintaining the status quo.

She was 25 when she accepted the invitation to transfer to a "Top Secret project critical to the security of the nation." Saying 'yes' was a no-brainer for her. And her surprise upon finding that her family had a history within the organization was considerable. As was her pride. (C'mon. Third generation service, man. Legacy!) She trained hard, worked hard, fought hard, and rose up through the ranks at a steady pace. Eventually, she led her own squad, circumventing the "no females in combat" rules because it was technically an "exploration and investigation" unit… and, occasionally, a diplomatic, first-contact unit.

The fact is, though, by the time her squadron was doing its best work, the HDC was in serious straits, thanks to the DoD's decision to pull back on its funding and resources. They were able to keep going with some help from "allies" outside the normal chain of command — a fact kept largely hidden by HDC brass from the higher-ups — but the writing was on the wall. Chances were very good the HDC would be mothballed and its assets reallocated.

Of course, Major-General Frank Mollozzi, the HDC CO, wasn't about to let it go down without a fight. Ultimately, however, his hand was forced and he had the choice to take retirement or face administrative strictures that would have ruined his career. He took retirement, but still managed to finagle appointing Venner as his successor. She was reluctant, at first, to accept the command, preferring retirement, herself. But, he convinced her to stay on as "a favor" to him. So, she did.

Now, in an unexpected turn of fate, what was supposed to be a mothballing has turned into a ramp-up and, as the reality of alien existence has exploded into public consciousness, she is tasked with being the public face of the government's response to "extraterrestrial incursion". Just what she always wanted… no, really. To finally have her own capital-C command… and to have to play diplomat instead of just getting the job done.

Don't say she hasn't had to give her all for her country. If you ask her, she's given it all and then some.

Character Details

Tough-as-nails woman-in-a-man's world, Venner is a career soldier and pilot. Her life is all about the mission, the corps, and duty. That said, she's not a blind rules-followerer. She's smart, savvy, and known for going 'off-book' whenever the situation demands. Further, she inspires her troops by leading from the front. She doesn't suffer fools gladly, but knows better than to jump to snap conclusions. You don't get to where she is without taking a few risks, knocking a few heads, and stepping on a few toes.


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