Peggy Carter
Peggy Carter
Portrayed by Hayley Atwell
Full Name Margaret Carter
Age 28
Height 5'7"
Build Athletic
Eyes Brown
Hair Brown
Factions SHIELD
Occupation Head of SHIELD (in the 40s)
Alignment Hero

Claim to Fame

Peggy may not be famous to the general public, but those within SHIELD would know her as one of its founders. Other historians would know her as connected to Captain America and the Howling Commandos.


Peggy may not be famous to the general public, but those within SHIELD would know her as one of its founders. Other historians would know her Known as a no nonsense woman from WWII, Peggy Carter is an incredibly adept agent of both the SSR and then a leader of SHIELD.


Margaret "Peggy" Carter was born to Harrison and Amanda Carter on Wednesday, April 9, 1919, in London, England. From a young age, she was always interested in country and serving others. Though no one would exactly call her a tomboy, she was more interested in sports and scraps than she was in learning how to run a household. Headstrong and determined to get her way, she ran away from a loving and stable home to devote her life to King and Country. At 15, she joined the Air Force. She lied about her age - swearing that she was 18. Much as the spy she would later become, she expertly convinced them that she was old enough to join. However, as a woman, she was forced to join the nursing core.

For years she stayed with the Air Force nursing core, proving herself as a so-so nurse, but incredibly capable in the field and all but unphased in combat. Finally, in November in 1940, there was a special mission needed for a woman to go undercover in order to rescue a German scientist. Looking into their women divisions, Peggy came out as the clear frontrunner for the mission. She performed the mission flawlessly, impersonating a maid named Eva and rescuing Abraham Erskine from the Nazis. During their time together, she also convinced him that he should take his research to the Allies.

Early in 1941 when the SAS was formed, Peggy was promoted to one of the first members due to her actions in rescuing Erskine. That first spy mission would continue to inform the rest of her life - not only because of her career but the people who soon became entangled in the project to which it led. Once Erskine agreed to help the Allies with the research that had disastrously created the Red Skull, Project Rebirth was started. Erskine would perfect his formula on the American dime. While the Americans had taken over the project, the British were the ones to recover Erskine and so they demanded oversight in the form of an overseeing Air Force SAS agent. Erskine insisted on this woman being Peggy Carter and she gladly agreed to the detail.

More than a dozen candidates were chosen for the Super Soldier Serum injection. The one man that stood out both in Erskine and Peggy’s view was Steve Rogers. He was eventually chosen to undergo the experimental injections that turned him into Captain America. Despite Erskine’s death due to a terrorism attack in their secret labs, Peggy continued to believe in the project and in Steve. She continually butted heads with Colonel Chester Phillips on the matter by attempting to reinstate him into the company and for active duty. She was rebuffed every time. This all eventually came to a head when she helped Captain Rogers commandeer a plane piloted by Howard Stark to rescue Bucky Barnes from enemy territory.

Once he - and the team that were soon to be known as the Howling Commandos - were rescued, Peggy helped Colonel Phillips in planning attacks against HYDRA and the Nazis. The deciding battle came at the Red Skull’s own fortress. Amidst the battle, she lead an attacking battalion into the base in order to give Steve and the Commandos much needed backup. She and Steve only had a brief moment together before he jumped aboard a plane during take off in order to stop the Red Skull from blowing up every major city across the world. On that plane, he sacrificed himself by intentionally crashing it into the ocean before it could reach its destination of New York.

For years, Peggy grieved the loss of Steve. The man was the love of her life - but like many people during those times, that didn’t stand for much. Millions of people lost their their loved ones. Her loss - despite how public - was no more than anyone elses. And so, Peggy mostly grieved in silence. While she had friends like Howard Stark and eventually Edwin Jarvis, she would never get over the people she lost in WWII and then afterward during her work with the SSR. After the war, she continued to work at the SSR, though - much like other women who were called to action during the war - she was now viewed as unnecessary or a peculiarity.

This, however, did not phase Peggy. She lied about her age and joined the RAF at 15, she could handle bosses and coworkers looking down on her. All she needed to do was prove to them that she was not there because of her doomed romance with Captain America, but because of her own skills and merits. Time and again, she fought the injustice of a shared mentality that women should not do field work. Though it was an uphill battle, she showed many of her coworkers and superiors that she was an equal.

That was cemented when she and Howard formed SHIELD - the future of the SSR. Effectively the head of an entire agency (because, truthfully, Howard was only really interested in it for the science), she had no need to prove herself any more. Instead, she did the best with what she had to make the world a better and safer place - exactly what she wished to do ever since she was a little girl determined to join the British Armed Forces to make England a better country.

Character Details


Peggy Carter is a composed woman who is used to adversity and discrimination in her life. She is a natural leader, able to overcome obstacles with her quick thinking. As an Agent of the SSR, she was an incredibly capable spy. She tends to speak her mind even when her opinion is not asked for and dive head first into danger. Though she is incredibly self confident, she continues to hold onto quite a bit of grief from the war and tends to not let anyone too close for fear they will be killed. Perhaps because of that, she is someone who will do what is necessary for the safety of herself and those around her - no matter what.


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  • "That Man" - Caro Emerald
  • "Jumpin' at the Woodside" - Count Basie
  • "The Way You Look Tonight" - Bing Crosby
  • "I Cover the Waterfront" - Connie Boswell


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