Portrayed by Alexander Ludwig
Full Name Simon Hall
Age 22
Height 5'8"
Build Athletic
Eyes Green
Hair Reddish-Blonde
Factions X-Men
Occupation Student
Alignment Hero

Claim to Fame

He's hard to pin down.


The only reputation Simon has is around Xavier's school. There, people would know he was rescued from Switzerland and was admitted as a student but went on to graduate and became an X-Man.

Publicly Available Dossier
Name: Simon Hall
Codename: Phase
Born: February 7, 1992 (age 22)
Team Role: Travel & Protection
Abilities: Intangibility, Transposition
Nationality: Swiss, US Permanent Resident
Likes: Music, theatre, working out
Dislikes: Anchovies, humidity, prejudice


In the decades following World War II, right wing extremism across Europe took a major hit but very much so in Switzerland. Which is not to say it disappeared. Simon's father was one such hold out which led, in part, to SImon being a shy and quiet boy. He was overwhelmed by a domineering, abusive personality who taught him from an early age that what he was - mutant and gay - was not just wrong but Wrong. Simon made sure his father didn't find out and and internalized it all which led to his one and only suicide attempt at the age of 15. He failed, fortunately, but inevitably his father found out and disowned him.

Simon took shelter in an abandoned church. He managed to survive on his own for a few weeks by using his power to steal food but grew increasingly hopeless. Rumors of him spread and were heard by a chapter of the Brotherhood of Mutants. They convinced him to come with them and join but them but their philosophy ended up bearing too close a resemblance to that of his father, just directed at different people. He grew increasingly depressed and was desperate for some meaning to his life. When the X-Men arrived to free a captive, they found him among the Brotherhood but could see he didn't truly belong with them. They took him in, taught him and cared for him. Under the patient guidance of the Professor and others, he began to come out of his shell and blossom.

The school obtained a student visa for him and later helped him become a legal resident. Away from his father, he learned to be happy with who he is and credits the Professor and those at the school for it. He knows he can never pay them back for rescuing them but he can pay it forward and help others the same way which is why there was never a doubt of his not becoming an X-Man if they'd have him.

Character Details

Simon can be an outgoing guy and is usually confident around his peers. But he does have a tendency to backslide toward early behavior patterns and go more quiet and watchful around strangers and authority figures.



Character Gallery


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