Portrayed by No Actor
Full Name Alexander Julius Aaron
Age 20
Height 5'10"
Build Thin and Athletic
Eyes Red
Hair Blonde
Factions Olympians
Occupation College Student
Alignment Anti-Hero

Claim to Fame

As a college student, and relative unknown to the mortal world, Alexander is not famous at all.


In school, Alexander has a reputation as a stand-offish scholarly person. Amongst the divinity, he is known as the newest Phobos, son of Ares.


Alexander Aaron was born the son of Ares twenty years ago. It was a time while his father was avoiding his role as the God of War and was attempting to lead a normal life amongst the mortals. For the first ten years of his life, Alexander existed purely as a normal child.

Then he was kidnapped by the Japanese god of evil, Amatsu-Mikaboshi. He was used as a weapon in that god's war against the other pantheons of creation. Luckily his father was able to defeat Amatsu-Mikaboshi and rescued his son, but in so doing Alexander was forced to accept the mantle of Phobos, god of fear.

Upon returning to earth, Ares and Alexander tried to pick up their lives again. Ares, now returning to his role as God of War, was forced to leave home more often and left Alexander to his own devices and efforts, though with the occasional supervision from one chaperone or another.

Today, Alexander is attending college at Empire State University in New York City. He is still attempting to lead a normal life as he can.

Character Details

Alexander Aaron is a curious study in nature versus nurture. There are distinct elements of his personality that are due primarily to his role and assumption of the godhead of Phobos. Before he assumed the role or rather before it fell to him, he was definitely more carefree, open, a typical ten year old. When it came to him he suddenly seemed to age abruptly and became older beyond his years, more stern, abrupt.

Yet he is still Alexander. He is still that same sentient being that was born to his mother and father and lived a relatively normal life those ten years.

As it stands, currently, he is distant. He is stand-offish most of the time and might even come across as almost entirely humorless. But when he is put at ease he has no qualms about giving of himself moreso. He is an intensely honorable individual, the warrior code has been drilled into him throughout his life. He keeps his word unerringly, he does not care to lie and if forced to do so it will either be as a lie of omission or a tactic during a battle or conflict.


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Character Gallery


So You Want To Be A Deity? (No!)
September 15, 2014: Cameron Tenoaks gets potential worshipers. She politely declines. Aaron shows up shortly after.
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The Art of Playing Coy
September 14, 2014: Elektra and Phobos meet at the Museum of Modern Art.
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No Ninjas Harmed In This Scene (Seriously! Profanity warning)
September 13,2014: Jim Reha, on behalf of The Corvinus, seeks out Alexander Aaron about an… issue.
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Finding Fear And Death at Montauk Point
August 9, 2014: When the deadman timer for Phobos visit with Waller lapses, the Titans are called to see what happened.
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We're Not All Created Equal
September 8th, 2014: Baroness, The Wall, and Phobos meet to talk.
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Nights and Ninjas
September 7th, 2014: Ninjas attack Alexander in Lincoln Square. Kitty is there to help.
(log: 20140907-nights-and-ninjas | tags: kitty_pryde lockheed phobos | posted: 11 Sep 2014 04:09)

My Big Fat Greek Kendo Session
September 6, 2014: Elektra checks out a potential asset.
(log: 20140906-my-big-fat-greek-kendo-session | tags: elektra phobos | posted: 07 Sep 2014 05:00)

Days Of Our Lives
September 5, 2014: Tempers flare at the Tower. Twice!
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A full day
September 01, 2014: In which Keith and Gar come across several people, and an invitation to the mixer is extended.
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Waller Who
August 23, 2014: Vorpal is given intel about Amanda Waller from Alexander Aaron.
(log: 20140824-waller-who | tags: phobos vorpal | posted: 24 Aug 2014 04:38)

August 24, 2014: Wiccan undoes the destruction of Titans Tower … almost.
(log: 20140824-theattackneverhappened | tags: hulkling kid_flash phobos rain titans vorpal wiccan | posted: 25 Aug 2014 07:02)

The Demon in Harlem
August 22 2014: Fenris interrupts yet another summoning, this time with help, and a complication.
(log: 20140822-the-demon-in-harlem | tags: corvinus fenris human_torch phobos | posted: 24 Aug 2014 07:50)

Karma Killer
August 19, 2014: The titans examine the ruins of the tower. Kimiko presents the potential for revenge.
(log: 20140819-one-way-or-another | tags: owari phobos raven vorpal | posted: 19 Aug 2014 14:46)

Coffee, People Watching and Missiles
August 19 2014: Jericho, Illyana and Alexander meet for coffee
(log: 20140819-coffee-people-watching-and-missiles | tags: aspect magik phobos | posted: 20 Aug 2014 11:00)

Titans: Defenders of Limbo
August 17, 2014: The Titans plus one get involved in a territorial dispute for Limbo thanks to Alexander.
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Bringing Down The House
August 17, 2014: Amanda Waller pays a visit to the Titan Tower. Consider it an extreme housewarming party.
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Red Sword, White Magic, Dark Wolf
August 14, 2014: For his 21st Birthday, Alexander needs to make a special trip to get his birthday present.
(log: 20140814-red-sword-white-magic-dark-wolf | tags: fenris magik phobos | posted: 15 Aug 2014 10:06)

Earth 81:Fear and the Dragon
August 14 2014: Rowan remembers meeting an ally back on Earth 81
(log: 20140814-earth-81:fear-and-the-dragon | tags: phobos rowan | posted: 15 Aug 2014 09:57)

Helluland Exhibit Gala
August 7, 2014: The American Museum of Natural History hosts a gala to launch the Helluland Uncovered exhibit, donated by Lara Croft. Someone comes to see it that's very unexpected!
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Up On The Roof
August 6, 2014: Some Titans get together for an impromptu get together. Up on the roof.
(log: 20140806-up-on-the-roof | tags: gravity_kid kid_flash phobos raven titans | posted: 07 Aug 2014 03:57)

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