Poison Ivy
Poison Ivy
Portrayed by Katee Sackhoff
Full Name Pamela Lillian Isley
Age 26
Height 5'8"
Build Tall & Voluptous
Eyes Green
Hair Fiery Red
Factions None
Occupation Eco-Terrorist
Alignment Villain

Claim to Fame

World reknown villian, eco-terrorist, main identity unknown.


Eco-terrorist, crazy, speaker of plants, scientist.


Pamela was a shy and quiet girl, falling back into her love of plants to make a promising career for herself. Being a class student caught the eye of a professor, who she fell absolutely in love with, only to be betrayed by, and ultimately nearly killed. She nearly died twice from this act of betrayal, and lost the ability to bear children as well as to keep a sane mind through clouded situations. She tried to move on, but only at the death of her boyfriend through a fungal growth that she caused, sent her spiraling out of control and forced a move to Gotham to start over, where her reign of Eco-terrorism and villianism started. From then on, she became a cut throat villian, often terrorizing organizations that seek to do the eco-system harm.

Character Details

Ivy cares for no man, often seen as a feminist and on the side of girl power, however, plants are her babies and they come first. Crush a flower, and you're dead to her. Fail to water her plants, you're getting a beat down. She'll do anything she can to preserve the green, everything else is solely for entertainment and greed. Mostly revenge.


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Character Gallery


A Night in the Swamp
March 7th, 2015: Ivy finds a little criminal transaction right at her doorstep. She dislikes uninvited guests
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Composition V
February 21st, 2015: The Baroness ends her partnership with Hugo Strange and withdraws current operations out of Gotham. (emits by Taskmaster)
(log: 20150221-composition-v | tags: baroness cobra hugo_strange poison-ivy taskmaster | posted: 22 Feb 2015 04:54)

January 27 2015: The Fox and Poison Ivy are probably going to end up fighting one of these days. Today is not that day.
(log: 20150127-frenemy | tags: fox poison-ivy | posted: 28 Jan 2015 10:30)

Goons and Green Fingers
January 21st, 2015: A clandestine shipping operation between Cobra scientists and the SRD is interrupted by a trio of vigilantes. (Emits by Batman)
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The Garden of Good and Evil
January 04 2015: The Fox stops by the gardens to tend some plants. And meets someone doing rather the same.
(log: 20150104-the-garden-of-good-and-evil | tags: fox poison-ivy | posted: 07 Jan 2015 06:26)

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