Portrayed by Donald Glover
Full Name David Alleyne
Age 18
Height 6'1"
Build Fit and athletic
Eyes Brown
Hair Black
Factions None
Occupation Student
Alignment Hero

Claim to Fame

A member of the Academic Decathlon national winning team, his freshman year of High School. His win was revoked when he was outed as a mutant, causing a minor nerd uproar. (And screwing up everybody's GPA and college applications.) Out mutant.


A serious, scholarly young man who needs to lighten up.


David Alleyne had, in many ways, a storybook upbringing. His father and mother are both professionals who installed strong values and work ethics in David and his younger sister, Kim. He was an accomplished student long before his mutation kicked in, with above average aptitudes in math and science and seemed destined for great things.

Unfortunately, at fifteen, his X-gene destroyed the future David thought he was going to have. His mutant ability, allowing him to absorb the knowledge and skills of anyone within ten yards or so, at first caused a spike upwards in his already high GPA. But David began to notice those skills went away after a short time. He figured out, eventually, that he was a mutant and ‘borrowing’ the knowledge of others. That drove him to study harder and work more, trying to broaden and deepen his own skill base, trying not to feel like an imposter in high school, and college, unable to turn his powers off and constantly second guessing himself about how intelligent and worthy he ‘really’ is and how much is his mutation ‘stealing’ the genius of others.

Telling his parents about his mutation landed him at Xavier’s school and he thrived there, training as a student at the school and picking up his first bachelor’s degree, in electronic engineering, before he even graduated from Xavier’s. Rather than make the jump to being a member of one of the X-Men teams, David decided to continue his studies and is working his way through a double major in political science and engineering, keeping up his self-defense training and helping out at his old school or with anything mutant related when he can.

Character Details

David is driven and serious. Perhaps a little too much so on both counts. He has a touch of ‘impostor syndrome’, making him feel as though his achievements are not really his and that he needs to work harder and smarter than everybody around him to truly earn academic and personal acclaim.

As a friend, he is loyal, level-headed and steadfast, but it can be hard to get him into ‘fun’ mode. As a partner, team member or co-worker, he expects only the best of himself and anyone working with him, favoring strategic and well-thought out approaches and finding spontaneity and improvisation to be evidence of a reckless or thoughtless personality.

A potential romantic partner would find him carefully guarded and prone to deep reserve that means his feelings often stay mostly hidden until they bubble over and he does something impulsive. (And he hates that he does that, every time.)

In short, he’s the kind of guy who needs to loosen up and relax and enjoy being who and what he is but is too vested in being an exemplar of a responsible super hero, a mutant and a black man. Learning to try to think of himself as ‘David’ and nothing else will be a major part of his growing up process as he heads from his teens into his twenties.


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