Professor X
Professor X
Portrayed by Patrick Stewart (older) James McAvoy (younger)
Full Name Charles Frances Xavier
Age 50+
Height 5'10"
Build Average (Handicapped)
Eyes Blue
Hair Bald
Factions X-Men
Occupation Former Adventurer and Soldier now Mentor and Instructor
Alignment Hero

Claim to Fame

World-renowned expert on the field of genetic anomalies, mentor and instructor of the X-Men and the various classes, and Headmaster at the Xavier Institute for Higher Learning.


With the nickname 'The Good Shepherd', Charles Xavier is a man who certainly lives up to the legend in person. Whether a paternal figure for a wayward teen or the strong personality that's mentored and guided generations of X-men, young and old, Charles is, in many ways, the soul of the X-men. It is because of him that many young mutants have found a way in life, escaping self destruction or villainy in favor of a life of justice and moral ideology.


Character Details


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Charles Xavier is a staff-run NPC.
Xavier enjoys Asian and alien cultures (and their food).
He is a surprising movie buff.
Xavier's favorite drinks are green tea, mineral water and various fine wines.
The Professor loves to travel. He finds it invigorating.

Character Gallery


A Dream Worth Fighting For
March 09, 2015: Hank and Scott discuss the implications of Project: CENTURION with Professor X.
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Mutant Bowl II
February 1, 2015: The X-Men gather for NFL Super Bowl XLIX in the X-Mansion. It is as colorful as expected.
(log: 20150201-mutant-bowl-ii | tags: charles_xavier cyclops gambit longshot phoenix ravager wolverine x-men | posted: 01 Feb 2015 21:54)

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