Portrayed by Evan Peters
Full Name Pietro Maximoff
Age 20
Height 5'10"
Build Lean
Eyes Brown
Hair Silver
Factions Forthcoming
Occupation Petty Thief
Alignment Neutral with heroic leanings.

Claim to Fame

Just another mutant street rat.


A silver-haired, cocky speedster with light fingers.


Pietro was born in Transia, a small Eastern European country that broke away from the Romanian state of Wallachia. He is the twin brother of Wanda Maximoff. As far as he knows, their parents are Django and Marya Maximoff, a couple with a penchant for the occult and for getting in to trouble. The truth is, he and his sister were both adopted at a young age. They knew no other parents and were never told that their true parentage might be slightly more mutant in origin. If he knew, it would certainly explain a lot.

The Maximoff family were never what you would call a conventional family unit. Pietro learned to steal before he learned to walk. He grew up with Romani customs and beliefs - along with all the attached occult leanings and superstitions. Puberty is a difficult time for any teenager. Times that by two, add in superstitions, a nomadic lifestyle and emerging mutant abilities, and you have a powderkeg. His sister's powers began to emerge around the same time his did. He had always been a hyperactive child. One day that hyperactivity expressed itself in a sudden, extreme burst of speed through and open field. When he skidded to a stop, his hair had turned silver. The combination of the twins' oddities meant they were never welcome anywhere for long. Their family was always on the move.

The locals and the average person may not have known mutant abilities when they saw them, but there was a group that did. At first, the group offered protection and the Maximoffs gladly accepted. They soon discovered that the group had ulterior motives. Wanda's ability allowed her to sound the alarm bell. The pair escaped, but the resulting fallout killed their adoptive mother. After that, his sister was distraught and in shock. He knew they both had to get away. So he scooped up his sister and sped off. They stowed away aboard a cargo ship and made their way to the United States.

Pietro chose the US as their final destination because of a music collection their adoptive father kept. He spent most of his childhood listening to old cassette tapes and scratched CDs of the greats of classic rock. He had a romantic notion about what the US would be, and what it could offer him and his sister.

The illusion was shattered the moment Pietro stepped off the boat. He emerged ahead of his sister to make sure the coast was clear. It was not. He was grabbed by some unknown assailant and attacked with a psionic ability. That ability erased his sister's name and her face. He remembers everything else except those details. It was a smart move. If whoever it was had simply separated the twins, Pietro's speed would mean he would find her eventually. This way, it's up for Wanda to find him.

Pietro found himself on his own, in a strange country. Thanks to his ability, he was able to gain fluency in English and pick up cultural idioms much faster than his sister. Thievery is how he sustains himself. Mischief is how he entertains himself.

Character Details

Pietro is a rascal. He disrespects authority, enjoys the thrill of a challenge (preferably illegal) and is going through a particularly rebellious stage. He loves classic rock and certain aspects of American culture. It's hard for him to not feel just a little bit superior to ordinary people, who live life so incredibly slowly from his perspective. On the other hand, he's actually eager to please and a bit of a show-off. If he likes someone or respects or fears them, he's like a dog doing tricks. He cares deeply for his sister and wants nothing more than to protect her. That desire often clashes with wanting to have a life of his own.


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This version of Quicksilver is based on the film Days of Future Past with some details altered to align with Scarlet Witch's origins. And you know, not in the 70s.

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