Ra's al Ghul
Ra's al Ghul
Portrayed by Liam Neeson
Full Name Ra's al Ghul
Age 48 (600+)
Height 6'4"
Build Aged but athletic
Eyes Green
Hair Black/White
Factions None
Occupation Leader of the League of Assassins
Alignment Villain

Claim to Fame

The Head of the Demon, and legendary immortal assassin.


The legendary immortal leader of the mysterious League of Assassins, Ra's al Ghul is famous only to the very few in the know, and those who /do/ know, almost certainly wish they didn't.


Ra's al Ghul was born over six hundred years ago to a small nomadic village somewhere in the Middle-east. Very little is known about his early years, even to him, as his memory is certainly not what it used to be. What he does remember, however, is that long ago his life was dedicated to saving others, rather than killing them. A doctor of sorts, Ra's had a general understanding of the concepts that would much later be known as germ theory well before it had been discovered making him well-known for his skill. It was because of this, that the king of a nearby land sent for Ra's to come to his palace and save his dying son. Upon arrival, however, Ra's knew immediately that the cause was hopeless. That is, of course, until he remembered a discovery he had made some months ago of a pit buried deep beneath the Earth. Ra's had no idea of the exact properties of the pit, but he theorized that the chemicals within might very well be medicinal in nature. Rushing the prince to this pit, Ra's bathed the dying man in the green liquid and was astounded when he emerged several minutes later completely healed — but also completely insane. In a fit of rage, the prince strangled Ra's wife, Sora before fleeing back to his kingdom.

Unwilling to admit that his son was responsible for the murder, the king charges Ra's for the crime and has him sentenced to death. Fortunately, the son of a woman he had previously aided was able to free Ra's and together, the two escaped back to the tribe of Ra's' birth. Forging an alliance with his rescuer and his uncle, the leader of the tribe, Ra's swears revenge on the prince and the king. Using his knowledge of diseases, Ra's made an anonymous gift of several contaminated fabrics to the king and the prince, infecting them both with a host of deadly diseases and taking the first step down his path of assassination. Declaring himself the Demon's head, Ra's leads his tribe to invade and burn the kingdom to the ground, thus marking the birth of the League of Assassins.

Over the years, Ra's would gather many killers and thieves to himself, and in secret, he began to lay the foundation for one of the most wide-spread and legendary orders of assassins to ever exist. Sustaining himself with regular dips in the Lazarus Pits which he had become so adept at locating, Ra's soon began to see humanity as a blight on the planet. The League still carried out assassinations for the highest bidders, but Ra's started to direct his army of killers to carry out more widespread destruction, always striking from the shadows, manipulating events, but never declaring outright war themselves. For years he carried out his plans with near impunity. That is, of course, until his eye settled on the famously corrupt city of Gotham…

Character Details

Driven, stubborn, and entirely ruthless, Ra's al Ghul pursues his goals with an implacable determination no matter what they may be. Convinced his path is the correct one, there is rarely any stopping Ra's once he's set his mind to something. Even still, a certain amount of honor exists amongst thieves and assassins. Not much, but some.


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Induction to the League
January 11, 2015: The leash tightens.
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Sins of the Consort
January 4, 2015: Ra's al'Ghul arrives in Gotham to stay, due to Veruca (and by proxy) Damian's mishap.
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