Portrayed by Rooney Mara
Full Name Rachel Roth
Age 24
Height 5'5"
Build Athletic
Eyes Violet
Hair Black
Factions Titans
Occupation Titan
Alignment Hero

Claim to Fame

Raven has been a hero since she was a very young girl, but she has intentionally kept herself out of the lime-light. For this reason she has a very limited amount of expossure to the public.


Raven is aloof and often untrusted because of her seeming cold nature. Those who have gotten close enough to her to know the truth realize that she works hard to keep herself in check for the greater good, but it does nothing to eleviate others mistrust.


Rachael Roth was born to a human mother and the demon Trigon. Early in her infancy she was spirited away to Azarath where she was raised by Azarathian monks who taught her to control her emotions less she become the vessel for her demonic father. Rachael lived a pacifists life until the monks were attacked by agents of Trigon in hopes of freeing their lord by sending his daughter into anger.

Knowing that her father would never stop until he had her, she left Azarath for earth where she hoped to find individuals who would assist in the destruction of her father. What she found her was a world devoted to emotions, something she barely understood and had no way of fully expressing. Initially she was untrusted by those who could sense her demonic herritage and saw her cold demeanor. They feared she would harold the return of Trigon and turned away from her.

In those early days, Raven acted as a healer and stayed true to her pacifist teachings by refusing to engage in combat of any sort. Instead she helped her allies by protecting them against those who would do them harm and restoring them when they had been. Struggled to earn the trust of her allies while still demonstrating the level of emotional control necessary to keep her inner demons at bay.

Over the years she grew close to some in the Titans. a family like she had never had before growing up and while she has sense given up her vow of pacifists, she still will not go to such great lengths as her cohorts unless the threat is great. Even as she is close to them, she does not reveal much of her past or her identity. Some do know, some have accepted it, others have looked on it with fear… Raven remains stalwart.

Character Details

Raven cares a great deal about her friends, but she is often unable to express it as would other people. She keeps her emotions bottled up inside herself, walking a thin line which would be difficult for almost anyone to understand. Her closest friends are her family, she would do anything for anyone of them, and still she struggles with the realization that she will never get to feel the same way for them that they do for her.

More than anything, Raven struggles with the desire to be normal. To have a normal life and be allowed the same emotional freedoms as everyone else around her. She is a prisoner of her emotions, though she is the warden to the gates.


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Character Gallery


The Thorn Bird
December 22, 2014: Kate brings news, the Titans decide what to do about Damian.
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Friends Don't Kill Each Other
<December 4, 2014>: Raven informs Keith that Friendship is Murderless Magic.
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November 25, 2014: Raven asks to meet Nightwing in Gotham and the two have a heart-to-heart overlooking the city.
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Epilogue: Yours
<October 28, 2014>: Keith comes by to thank Raven for helping to bring him back from the brink of death.
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The Waiting Game
October 7, 2014: The night after the Circle of Oroboros' appearance, some of the Titans (and guests) look for answers.
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Don't Hurt Him
September 25, 2014: Raven has three words for Keith.
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It might be movie night
August 31, 2014: Raven is trying to watch a movie and people keep pestering her.
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Karma Killer
August 19, 2014: The titans examine the ruins of the tower. Kimiko presents the potential for revenge.
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Titans: Defenders of Limbo
August 17, 2014: The Titans plus one get involved in a territorial dispute for Limbo thanks to Alexander.
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August 14, 2014: Keith tries to approach Raven in a friendly way. Poor fool.
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Up On The Roof
August 6, 2014: Some Titans get together for an impromptu get together. Up on the roof.
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What about Tel?
August 4, 2014: The Titans meet at the Swedish Headquarters to discuss the man who fell from the sky.
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It's So Primitive
August 04, 2014: Tel's feeling much better after a rest. Until he finds out when he is.
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A Night to Remember
August 3, 2014: Garth hosts a party and everyone's invited.
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Mayhem at the Philharmonic
August 2, 2014 The Fiddler causes mayhem but he cannot be bested by the TITANS! Also, first appearance of Gravity Kid, so, there's that too.
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Rise of the New Warriors, Part 4
August 2, 2014: A group of young heroes deal with the aftermath of mayhem at the philharmonic.
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Rise of the New Warriors, Part 2
August 1, 2014: Garth meets with Raven regarding the burgeoning Warriors.
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