Portrayed by Mari Yaguchi
Full Name Makoto Shiratori
Age 23 (92)
Height 4'9"
Build Short and slender
Eyes Brown
Hair Brown
Factions None
Occupation Reporter/Talkshow Host/Good Will Ambassador
Alignment Neutral

Claim to Fame

Survivor of the first atomic bomb, who works to prevent future nuclear attacks.


Makoto Shiratori is a popular and widely-liked variety talkshow host and reporter, and also a goodwill ambassador for Japan. She makes everyone smile, and the heads of state of most countries are glad to have her, both because she is pleasant to be around and because she inevitably brings "good press" to such host countries that may make them seem more favorable to the international community. Reactor, on the other hand, is a mysterious saboteur who has struck at nuclear weapon development programs and facilities in numerous countries, as well as nations attempting to develop nuclear power or technology. Her identity, objectives, and country of origin are all unknown, though from what little footage of her exists, she is believed to be capable of controlling and absorbing radiation. This leads some to believe she may be an alien who needs nuclear power to survive, or a special agent/spy equipped with some form of nullification technology for a nation here on Earth.


Makoto Shiratori was born in Japan in 1922. She made it all the way through WWII, experienced the war-time food rationing, the propaganda from the war ministry and government, the threats about how she had to kill herself or die trying to kill the Allies if they invaded, because of what they would do to her and other Japanese civilians — when many of the things described were what particularly despicable Japanese soldiers overseas had done to other native populations. She believed it, and feared for her life. But before all that, before the war, before the horror and the violence and the widespread starvation and hardship, she was a happy, cheerful girl who did her best to please her parents and show proper respect to her betters. She tried to spread smiles and make her family proud.

But after all that happened during WWII, she wound up being a direct, eye-witness to the dropping of the first atomic bomb in Hiroshima. It was horrific, incomprehensible, mind-shattering, and the impact it had on her body was another matter entirely. Her eyes and skin were covered in burns, and she suffered such severe radioactive exposure that her body was practically disintegrating. Somehow she survived long enough to be found by doctors, but they could not treat her. However, it didn't seem to matter. Where the handful of other survivors had died within a matter minutes, hours, or days, and the TRUE survivors would be riddled with grotesque forms of cancer years later… Makoto recovered on her own. Something had altered her body on a fundamental level, make it a sponge for radiation.

She didn't understand it at the time, but she gradually came to realize she had new senses, and new abilities. She can accurately gauge the radiation level of an area or object, even without seeing it, just by some strange mental 'sense'. Further, she can siphon that radiation away — even reduce the symptoms or cure those suffering from radiation sickness! It was this that she did at first, and her "healing touch" received a form of reverence and even worship from the religious who desperately needed hope and a heroine for their nation. She was the "Miko no Amaterasu". The Shrine Maiden of the Sun Goddess. Or that's what they called her anyway.

She did all she could for the survivors of both bombs, but it was not enough to forestall Japan's surrender. Even so… Rebellious elements of the Japanese government and military heard of her, and took her into custody, keeping her hidden from the Allies. For decades, she would be studied, trained, and witness the massive upheaval and changes to Japanese society as a result of their conquest.

Even being occupied by the Americans, Makoto did not hate them. She was shamed and revolted by the actions of the government she had once blindly followed, but not even the secretive military elements could keep her ignorant of what was going on, especially as they lost their influence, failed to attempt to use Makoto, dubbed "Reactor", to engage in a revolt, and were finally discovered and eliminated. Reactor had had enough of being used, and had refused to take part, even under attempted brainwashing. For her loyalty to the new, peaceful Japan, and because her new "overseers" realized she was still useful, she was not charged with anything and was instead set up with a civilian identity. Efforts were made to understand her capabilities, with the research conducted by the rebels accelerating that process quite a bit, and equipment was developed to contain and control her powers.

When it was discovered that she had stopped aging, she was supplied with fake identity after fake identity, gradually forming a "family line" of very similar-looking daughters and grand-daughters and so on — all of whom were the same person. She now acts as a secret operative for the Japanese government and military, eliminating potential nuclear threats before they can endanger other nations — especially Japan. In exchange, she is allowed to live her own civilian life as she pleases, as a celebrity and good will ambassador.

Character Details

Makoto, despite all that she has witnessed and been through, remains an upbeat and cheerful individual. She could have died, and almost did. Instead she was allowed to live and can now use her powers to help others, and her country. Further, though she remains loyal to her nation, she thinks for herself now, and is against being manipulated by military or intelligence agencies via that loyalty. If she suspects treachery or power-grabbing, there are those she trusts to bring that information to, or ways for her to counter such attempts on her own, without violating her promises of service. Makoto enjoys seeing the world, meeting new people, and trying new things. If anything truly bothers her, however, it is the lack of intimacy in her life. She cannot have long-term interaction with other people without gradually poisoning them with her own radioactive aura. Even a friend she spends regular time with while controlling her emissions and wearing suppression gear is subject to radiation exposure. Any sort of relationship is out of the question unless she is either "cured" or a much better control method is developed. She tries to make up for her loneliness by being around lots of people short-term as much as possible, but it's not exactly the same. More than a few hours per day every few weeks, and she may kill those she cares about.

As Reactor, it's another story. The thrill of being a secret agent like in spy movies, getting to sneak around blowing things up and using her abilities to eliminate threats is very exciting. Further, she doesn't have to hold back when she does so. She can constantly feel the radiation surging within her, jumping and sparking and ready to be unleashed. Getting to actually do it is quite a rush, and one she looks forward to despite what it costs her as a civilian.


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