Red Arrow
Red Arrow
Portrayed by Wentworth Miller
Full Name Connor Hawke
Age 18
Height 5'9
Build Athletic
Eyes Green
Hair Dirty Blonde
Factions N/A
Occupation Student/Herbalist
Alignment Hero

Claim to Fame

Connor Hawke is best known for his amazing hang-over medicine in Chinatown! His identity as the bastard child of a playboy billionaire has not been leaked to the media just yet.


Connor is a low-key Computer Science Major at Gotham University during the week, and an underpaid herbalist at a small bodega in Chinatown during the weekend. He's particularly quiet and soft natured, and one of the most humble souls that Gotham has had the pleasure of meeting.


<Nineteen years ago, Sandra Hawke and Oliver Queen managed to conceive a child at quite the young age. Oliver Queen's mother, Moira, who had found out about the unfortunate incident by way of Oliver's confession, had paid Sandra well over two million dollars in private for her to hush up about her early pregnancy and move in with her Father, who lived several cities away. It was a heavy choice on Sandra's conscience to make, but she decided the best thing to do was to tell Ollie she had a miscarriage and take the money. Despite it all, she had loved Oliver, and had no intention of keeping the secret from her child who their father was.

With a baby boy, and a crushed spirit, Sandra travelled about the United States, renting luxurious houses and buying whatever Connor wanted or needed. They never managed to stay in any one location for more than a couple years. It wasn't an issue until Connor reached an age where being socially involved was critical to ones growth. Connor started acting out, and there wasn't enough money in the world (that she had access to) that could calm him down.

With a dwindling bank account, and a mothers desperation, she finally revealed the identity of his father. While this didn't stop the boy from acting out, it calmed him down enough to read into his families history. Everything back fired when he discovered that his father was M.I.A and considered by most sources dead. Things at school were getting worse, as the other children had been picking on the boy for being of a mixed heritage. Quickly becoming anti-social, Connor would spend hours in his room playing video games. Frustrated, Sandra used the rest of her money to send Connor to Kyoto, Japan to live with her Grandparents.

Life in Japan was a humbling experience for the boy. Connor suddenly found himself in an entirely different country with no friends, and family that looked nothing like him. He may have been out of place before, but he stuck out like a sore thumb in Japan. He was conscripted to labor at his Great-Grandfathers restaurant when he was not at school. When he wasn't at the restaurant, Connor would be helping his Great-Grandmother produce her herbal tinctures and creams.

When Oliver Queens name appeared in the news, Connor had nothing better to do than follow every news source out of Gotham. It seemed odd to him that right around the same time as Oliver's reappearance, a vigilante appeared. At first he paid it little attention, but the more he appeared, the more Connor suspected that it might just be him. Connor grew fascinated with the Vigilante. For once he was inspired to do something with his life. He did not wish to be a dish-washer who smelled like tiger balm all the time. A decision was made, and he sought out to follow in the footsteps of the Arrow… Who may or may not have been his dad.

Connor bugged his Great-Grandfather about enrolling him in some kind of martial arts school so that he could be like his daddy. At first the the old man was hesitant, but eventually the old man realized the deep fire burning in his gaze and realized that the boy truly wished to follow in his alleged fathers footsteps. Despite the mans disapproval of Oliver, he revealed to his great grandson that he was once an old royal soldier during World War II. Instead of having Connor clean the restaurant in his spare time, he instructed him to stab his hands into a pot of rice. Over and over. This seemed ridiculous to the boy, yet he showed incredible signs of patience, never questioning his teachers tactics despite the urge.

What happened during the next five years transformed the boy into a human weapon. Connor trained religiously in every aspect of Japanese Martial Arts. It started with just Aikido, but grew into an addiction. Jiujitsu, Ninjutsu, Judo, Kendo, and Kyudo Archery. They were all styles he absorbed. The boy excelled at anything involving combat, yet he grew into a serene, almost Zen-like human being. A far-flung image of what he once was. Patience, the ability to keep calm and not let emotion cloud his judgements; these were just a few things that had changed within him, partially do to his training, but mostly from his blossoming spiritual beliefs that were heavily influenced by the Zen-Buddhists.

About a month before Connor's Great-Grandfather passed away, Connor had reached a point in his training that even his sensei felt could not be furthered under his tutelage. Connor had made up his mind to return to Gotham and meet his father! He had questions and he wanted answers. He wanted his father. When Connor's Sensei and father-figure finally passed, he inherited the rest of the money his mother had left him, which was just around a hundred grand and bought a one way plane ticket back to Gotham. Not wishing to be a mooch, or come off as a begger, Connor enrolled in a pristine technical college, majoring in computer science, and minoring in business while holding down a weekend job at an apotchery in Chinatown. It drained most of his account, paying all of his tuition upfront, but it insured a bright future, even if Oliver denounced the boy as his son.

Character Details

Connor Hawke is a humble, patient soul who has managed to defeat anger and frustration through meditation and devotion. Though he does not claim to be Buddhist, Connor holds quite a few of their beliefs very dear to him. He is non-judgmental to a point, until judgement has to be made for the sake of other lives and killing is not an option to him, wether it's a human or a spider. It does not stop him from fighting, but he is generally passive until pushed, or until he dons that red hood. Serene, and loving, Connor has a big heart, and is always trying to help others, even if it puts him at a disadvantage. He's always trying to find the best in people despite knowing that the cause is lost. Connor feels that everybody deserves a chance to change. Maybe multiple chances, since one can't achieve perfection in one singular life anyways. Good natured to the core, Connor finds the little things in life funny, hardly sweating big things. Some might call him carefree.. but the truth is, life is too short to worry about things that cannot be changed.

Having grown up of mixed ethnicity, and experienced legitimate discrimination and hardships, Connor has a weak spot for minorities and the discriminated on. All of his passiveness alludes him when faced with this. He felt it's his moral obligation to stand up for the downtrodden and abused.


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