Red Hood
Red Hood
Portrayed by Douglas Booth
Full Name Jason Peter Todd
Age 22
Height 6'1"
Build Athletic
Eyes Blue
Hair Black
Factions League of Shadows, Red Hood's Syndicate
Occupation Crime Lord
Alignment Villain

Claim to Fame

Jason Todd is perhaps Batman's greatest failure. Not only did he allow his sidekick to be brutally murdered, but he also failed to curtail the rage within. Now, he lives again…


The Red Hood is an up and coming young crime lord. He plans to become Gotham's Kingpin of Crime. What isn't widely known is that he also works for the League of Shadows and Ra's al Ghul.


Jason Todd grew up on the mean streets of Gotham City. But he's a survivor. Orphaned at a young age, his first memory was of when he tried to steal the wheels off the Batmobile. He's also brazen. You get that way living like that.

When Batman found out, he personally arranged for Jason to be placed in a school for troubled youths. Unfortunately, Batman didn't know it was the base of operations for a gang of thieves. After Jason helped to apprehend the thieves, Batman decided to train him as the second boy wonder, Robin.

As Batman trained the boy, he came to understand his character. Jason was filled with anger and rage, presumably from his harsh upbringing. Although not as acrobatic as his predecessor, Jason became a ferocious fighter, channelling that rage into his blows. Batman began to suspect that were it not for his influence, Jason would have eventually turned to the criminal element.

But his training was not just physical. He studied mathematics, the sciences, language, geography, history, and of course, the criminal element. In his studies, he learned of the man responsible for the death of his father, Willis Todd. But he kept his discovery to himself and did not share it with Batman.

When they encountered his father's murder, Jason lost control, attempting to strangle him. If Batman hadn't been there to restrain Jason, he would have. Instead, they talked, and dealt with him together. But Jason hadn't come to Bruce about this. It marked the start of something that would fester.

As Robin, Jason was capable of brutality. He could be impulsive, reckless, succumbing to his rage. He used excessive force. In one instance, he even fired a gun at some criminals, something that Batman would never condone.

But it passed. He eventually settled into the role, and things were good. That is until Nightwing showed up. Knowing that Dick was the first Robin, Jason felt that his place was under threat, even though Nightwing had long since moved on. After speaking to Batman, Nightwing offered to patrol with Robin.

Having been there and done that, Nightwing knew what Jason was going through. He offered advice and a second opinion. He even gave Jason his phone number, knowing that Bruce wasn't exactly the most accessible person in the world.

When it was time to join the sidekicks, he struggled. He was often compared to his predecessor, and he did not come off favourably. Though they had the same training, they did not have the same skill levels. He was better at some things, and worse at others. He was his own person. Few understood that.

Their differences were most notably marked in the Felipe Garzonas case. He was the son of a diplomat, and had raped his own mother. Jason wanted to go after him, but Batman preached caution. When the victim later committed suicide, Jason went after Garzonas on his own. He would deal with it personally.

And he did. Batman arrived just in time to see Garzonas falling to his death, with Jason watching. And though Jason informed his mentor that Garzonas had slipped, Batman wondered about it. Could his protege have killed the man?

There were repercussions. The diplomat wanted revenge for the death of his son. As the mother and son had passed on before him, the diplomat would also die. Batman tried to use the whole sordid ordeal as a teaching opportunity. Actions always have consequences, and now, Jason knew that better than most.

But he didn't learn. His rage became more pronounced. He got worse. Batman suspended him. And so he left. Not permanently, just to clear his head. He went back to his old neighbourhood, where a former neighbour gave him a box belonging to his mother, Catherine Ann Todd. Except, she wasn't his mother.

Using his detective skills, he managed to compile a list of people who could be his biological mother, eventually discovering her, a woman named Sheila, who was an aid worker living in Ethiopia. He also discovered that she was being blackmailed by the Joker to provide him with chemical supplies.

She was a criminal. She had been embezzling from the aid program, and even gave Robin over to the Joker as a way to save her own skin. A model citizen. But the Joker had other ideas. He had his fun, beating a tied up Robin with a crowbar, and leaving him, with his mother, to die in a timed explosion.

And he did die. Batman took the body back to Gotham, where he was buried.

Except, it wasn't his body that was buried. A decoy was created from a type of high end latex. Batman was so distraught, he never bothered to look at the body before it was put in the ground, where it has remained ever since.

Meanwhile, Jason's body was taken by the League of Shadows to be revived. They used the Lazarus Pit, which had given Ra's al Ghul an unnatural long life. And on that day, he bathed in its waters just as Jason's body was lowered into it.

Whether by accident or by design, the pit changed him. It brought him back to life, but not as he was. No, he had become something altogether different. No longer was he just Batman's progeny, but now he was tied to the Demon's Head.

He began to see the world as al Ghul, something horribly flawed, and needing a firm hand to guide it along the path to prosperity. After many months, he returned to Gotham. But he did not return as Robin the boy wonder. No, instead, he was the Red Hood, the League of Shadows representative in Gotham.

Since that day, he has gained a foothold in the city, taking a large chunk of the drug trade, offering his lieutenants total protection from the cops, and any superhero that decides to get in their way. In return, all he asked for was that they stay away from kids and schoolyards, and oh yes, 40 for him.

Now, he's set his sights on the rest of Gotham's underworld. Arms trafficking, burglary, extortion, prostitution, he wants it all.

Character Details

The Red Hood is not shy about bloodshed. People die every day. And he should know, since he's the one killing them. He doesn't get any pleasure out of it. It's not random. The way he sees it, if you find yourself being shot at by the Red Hood, the chances are that you did something to deserve it.

When it comes to police officers, firefighters, and emergency personnel, he tries to avoid harming them. He'd rather blow out a cop's tires than blow off his head, but sometimes beggars can't be choosers. They knew what they were getting into when they signed up. And they're family will get benefits.

With heroes, he prefers to put them in harm's way than to actually kill them. If one were chasing him, he might quickly set a timed explosion rather than just try and shoot them in the head. He can do that you, he's a great shot.

But when it comes to the criminal element, they're all fair game. Unless of course they work for him. Then they're under his protection. But you have to be pretty high up in the organisation to warrant personalised attention.

He acts by a code. He keeps his word. He can be civil. When he's not wearing the hood, he's a pretty normal guy. But when it's on, he can be brutal, merciless, and quite a jerk. He's witty, snarky, and as quick with the verbal jibes as he is with the physical ones. He is someone to be feared, by hero and criminal alike. He has no friends, no confidants. He can't afford it.

After having looked at it from both sides, he's decided that the League of Shadows has it right. You can't control human nature. You can only channel it, guide it, until it moulds into a shape that's appealing to you.

If there's always going to be crime, then you might as well be the lord, steering it away from some things, like women and children, and mitigating the damage it causes. In his book, that's a win. Some people think that you can affect change, one good deed at a time. But they'd be wrong. It doesn't solve the underlying problem. It only maintains the status quo. The wheel keeps on spinning, but that hamster's never going to get the pellet.


Image Real Name Relation Codename Image Real Name Relation Codename
Tumblr_ltmp7tEIkr1qh9ho4.jpg رأس الغول Mentor Demon's Head talia2.jpg تاليا الغول Associate Scion
6837_20120909013100_838393964281.jpg Tim Drake Successor Robin Batman_photos_oldman.jpg Jim Gordon Police Commissioner Jim Gordon
zac-efron-2014-hair-cut.jpg Dick Grayson Predecessor Nightwing The%20Joker%201.jpg Joseph Kerr Murderer Joker
dbobus.jpg Tony Masters Associate Taskmaster 2hchk77.jpg Elektra Natchios Associate Elektra
Alfred_Pennyworth_(Nolanverse)_002.jpg Alfred Pennyworth Former Butler Eagle Harley3.jpg Harleen Quinzel Associate Harley Quinn
30jmbzb.jpg Melody Kenway Associate Rant dk-02756.jpg Bruce Wayne Former Mentor Batman

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